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The Rooster Blog & Archives

Over the last decade, the team at Rooster along with ambassadors, friends and experts have written & published over 1,000 blog articles to help you get the most out of your sport, with maintenance tips, hacks, how-tos, latest news and in-depth insight into the kit that will keep you going. Here, we've collected a selection of the most read and popular articles.

Where Should I put my Telltales?

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020

I often get asked the question where should I put the telltales on my sail(s)?Tell Tales inside our telltale pack we pretty much say that there is no right or wrong place to put them - except ideally no closer than 1/3 back from the mast or luff wire. We recommend, for example, the telltales on a Laser sail are placed in triangle formation (so you can average the disturbed air and work out what they are saying) and most importantly, where you can see them! But that is not to say that telltales stuck to the leech at a...