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It’s inevitable…the seasons are changing. Summer is pretty much over and Autumn/Fall are very much on the way. Do not fear, you can continue to enjoy the water sailing, supping, winging, kayaking with just a few key changes to your kit bag. Check out below the best ways to keep your gear going through the seasons.

Base Layers

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 Changing your base layers can have a massive effect on your warmth on the water. Our PolyPro layers are a great choice that can be used throughout Autumn and Winter with more layers, but can also be used by themselves as a layer during Spring and Summer. If you’re planning on continuing to go on the water through the depths of Winter, or you just get very cold then the Hot Stuff range will be more suited to layering with your current wetsuits.


Spray Tops

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 The Lightweight Spray Top is a brilliant option for the warmer months, when you’re still going to get splashed but the water and air temperature aren’t too cool. When the weather starts to cool down switching to the fleecy Aquafleece will keep you toasty. With so many options to choose from they are perfect for many sports.


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It’s no secret that you loose a lot of heat through your head, so its important to keep your head warm. These hats are easy swaps to make and not too expensive that can really elevate your experience on the water during the Autumn.


Extra layers honourable mentions

A few HANDY extras for additional heat that you can add to your kit instead of having to swap out gear.

Aquafleece Neck Gaiter - now in eight colours, this combination of Aquafleece and PolyPro material provides excellent protection from the elements keeping your neck warm and dry with its fleece inner layer and water resistant outer layer.

Hot hands - add that extra bit of heat to your hands with these 0.5mm neoprene glove liners that go underneath any gloves you already own, for an extra heat boost.

Hot socks - works the same as the glove liners, the 0.5mm titanium neoprene will give your feet a heat boost as they reflect the heat back into your body. Can be worn under any sock or boot.

If 0.5mm titanium neoprene isn’t your style then check out our PolyPro glove liners and socks that also provide a great extra base layer to your hands and feet.

If you need any further help with kit guidance get in touch with our friendly customer service team by phone  01243 389997 (Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm) or via email

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