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At Rooster, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality, practical, and sustainable sailing gear. Our latest offering, the SB1 Inshore Jacket and Hi-fits range, is no exception. You may have noticed that we've chosen to produce this range in a unisex fit, and we’d like to share the thoughtful reasoning behind this decision.


Commitment to Quality and Inclusivity

We understand that fit and comfort are paramount, especially in sailing gear. Our design team has worked diligently to create a unisex fit that provides excellent functionality and comfort for a wide range of body types. We've included numerous adjustment points to ensure our unisex gear fits everyone as well as possible.

However, it’s important to us that the development of women’s gear remains a key part of our mission. We are passionate about offering high-quality, women-specific sailing gear. If our unisex range proves popular, we are fully prepared to develop a dedicated women's line. We are committed to supporting all our sailors and continuously improving our offerings based on your needs.


Understanding Demand and Factory MOQs

As a small business, we face the challenge of meeting the minimum order quantities (MOQs) set by our manufacturing partners. These MOQs are crucial for cost-effective production but require careful decisions about the variety of products we offer. When considering a gender-specific line, forecasted demand is a critical factor. Our research indicated that separate lines for men and women wouldn't align with our current demand levels. Specifically, the anticipated volume for women's-specific gear would result in inventory lasting over five years in our warehouse. This extended holding period is less than ideal for several reasons.


Stock Management and Sustainability

Efficient stock management is vital for any business, especially a small one like ours. Excessive inventory ties up capital that could be better used elsewhere, affecting our cash flow and overall financial health. Additionally, overstocking products that don’t move quickly creates stock size gaps, making it difficult to maintain a balanced and responsive inventory. Unnecessary overproduction also conflicts with our sustainability goals. Holding excess stock that we eventually need to clear out at discounted prices undermines our efforts to operate sustainably. It leads to waste and inefficiency, which are detrimental to our environmental and economic objectives.


The Unisex Solution

By offering the SB1 Inshore Jacket and Hi-fits range in a unisex fit, we address these challenges head-on. This approach allows us to streamline our production process, ensuring we meet MOQs without overcommitting to unpredictable gender-specific demand. It also helps us maintain a healthier cash flow, as we avoid tying up resources in slow-moving stock.

Additionally, a unisex range simplifies our stock management. With a single line of products, we can better monitor and manage inventory levels, reducing the risk of stock gaps and in turn supporting our dealer network. This streamlined approach also means we can respond more quickly to market demands and trends, keeping our product offerings fresh and relevant.


At Rooster Sailing, our goal is to provide you with top-quality gear while staying true to our values of sustainability and smart business practices. We believe that the unisex SB1 range achieves just that, offering you the best of both worlds: exceptional sailing apparel and a commitment to a sustainable future.

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