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Tuning Guide

Blog articles related to boat speed and tuning.

Europe Mast Thinking - the Danish Development

By Steve Cockerill 9th May 2023

When I was coaching the UK Europe Squad back in the late 90's,  I had some  technical help from Sid Howlett who at the time was Ben Ainslie's technical coach for the Finn.  Sid explained that standard Finn mast bend profile was:  The mast should have 100% of the fore/aft bend number at the half point (between the bands) with 50% at the quarter and 50% at the 3/4 point.  Effectively a perfect segment of a large circle which makes fitting the sail to the mast very easy especially with increasing or decreasing sheet tension.  We have to hope that the...

ILCA/Laser Toe Strap Adjustment - Simples (V2)

Roosters offering for an adjustable toestrap for an ILCA®/Laser (now legal) This uses 2m of 4mm Easysplice Continuous Control Line a Clamcleat CL...

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020

Racing a Solo as a Lightweight

I have always thought of myself as a lightweight whilst racing the Solo. In 2022 I was 74Kg which was...

By Steve Cockerill 26th January 2023

Rooster RS Aero Halyard upgrade by Sammy Isaacs-Johnson

The new design Rooster RS Aero 5mm Pro Halyard Loop is a simple way to reduce troublesome slippage that occurs while sailing...

By Rooster Ambassador 8th February 2023

What’s The Difference Between a Phillips and a Pozidrive head on a typical screw?

When you purchase self-tapping screws or machine screws from Rooster, make you you use the correct screwdriver for the job.... A typical Rooster...

By Mark Harper 11th January 2023