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Boat Maintenance Tips

Blog articles on looking after and improving your dinghy, keelboat, or SUP, including articles showing how to repair or fix issues.

The Gennaker Link Loop

By Steve Cockerill 8th February 2021

The key ingredient to a smooth blow through gybe with a Gennaker is the smoothness of the clew against the forestay.    Rooster has produced a large range of UMHPE links with half circumference (or max width of the loop when pulled out) of 40mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm 100mm, 120mm and the Gennaker Link shown here at 240mm.  Red is our colour for our Gennaker sheets, hence we used red for the Gennaker link.   

Game Changing Rooster Brushed EVA Deck Grip® – Control Yourself

RS800 Sailor, YouTuber and all round great guy Mozzy Sails talks grip. Specifically the new Rooster Brushed EVA Pro Grip....

By Mark Harper 2nd October 2020

How to - Make a Soft Shackle with a Dog Bone

With a 6 or 7 Dogbone you can quickly create some super smart soft shackles that are safe, secure and...

By Steve Cockerill 7th February 2021

Rooster How to - Laser Gunwale Repair With West 610

Probably the most common repair we will ever need to do to an old Laser is the gunwale repair.  ...

By Steve Cockerill 5th February 2021

The Laser Boom - Bolt it up! (From the Rooster Archives)

If you have just acquired an old Laser/ILCA dinghy, this was the method of attaching the aft mainsheet block to...

By Mark Harper 2nd October 2020