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Stories from the Water

Blood Diamonds

By Emma Pearson 4th July 2022

The Red Rhombus or Red Diamond for Women is a hot topic of debate. Is it bad to single out female sailors, making them have to pay for an additional logo from their male competitors? Is it an archaic rule (in some fleets at least) for female athletes that needs to be abolished? Or is it a small token to celebrate female achievement when they’re lapping the rest? This is an especially divisive topic, and I would just like to caveat the following with a note that of all the opinions surveyed, no two people had the same reasons behind...

From Lowly Lockdown to New Board and Hydrofoil Repair - By Isaac Lines

Early this year I found myself in Portugal training and getting used to the new olympic wind foiling equipment as part...

By Rooster Ambassador 10th June 2022