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Tuning Guide

Rooster RS Aero Halyard upgrade by Sammy Isaacs-Johnson

By Rooster Ambassador 8th February 2023

The new design Rooster RS Aero 5mm Pro Halyard Loop is a simple way to reduce troublesome slippage that occurs while sailing your RS Aero.

The idea was formed at the 2022 RS Games, with complaints of sails being hard to pull up, falling down the mast, or even snapping. There had to be a simple, cheap solution to this challenge.

Made using Rooster 5mm All Spec-Pro, with its hard wearing 16-plait cover, tapered by our expert splicers into the super strong and thin 3.5mm core this newly designed Halyard Top glides up the mast with ease and bites into the mast-head cleat and holds strong for your whole sailing session.

This cost effective solution to halyard replacement is very simple to install. Just cut your old Halyard top off, put your bobble onto Rooster RS Aero Halyard Upgrade, and half hitch (or sheet-bend) your current halyard tail on and away you go!

Having now sailed using this new design for 6-8 months, I can confirm it’s the best solution for keeping that sail pinned to the top of your mast.

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