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Tuning Guide

Blog articles related to boat speed and tuning.

Aero Upgrade By Mark Riddington.

By Rooster Ambassador 3rd August 2021

I have owned an Aero for 5 years, and in March 2021 decided to take advantage of the Boat Show to buy a new boat.  Whilst setting up the new boat, I took a bunch of photos with the idea of documenting ideas on rigging and setup options.   The Aero is perfectly sailable as received from RS – simply follow the Rigging Manual (v6 at the point of writing, found here) and your boat will be good to go.  Everything you need to rig the boat is included, no need to buy additional parts, and all rope is helpfully labelled....

RS Aero Over Deck Control Lines - Full Video

    POST VIDEO NOTE:Please use a separate piece of line to attach the two blocks to the traveller eye....

By Steve Cockerill 19th March 2021