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Kit Guide

Blog articles on recommendations and suggestions on purchasing and using the Rooster water sports kit.

Base Layers - Hot stuff or Polypro, what's the difference?

By Emma Pearson 3rd October 2022

What’s the difference? Why are there two types of base layer now? They may look very similar on the rail but they are quite different garments, using different technologies for different user applications. Both available in Mens, Womens and Junior fit, for tops, bottoms, gloves, socks and other accessories. Our universally adored PolyPro is a very warm hydrophobic base layer with a brushed fleece inner surface. It’s super soft and lightweight so can be used for a variety of sports, anytime you need to keep the retain warmth. Skiing, cycling, sailing, surfing and in the gym, this versatile material, seemingly...

Rooster Kit development into Coastal Rowing with Rowing Adventures

Rooster is always keen for a collaboration with a team or organisation in order to understand the market better. 2022...

By kate morrison 22nd August 2022

Reflecting on sailing in the Med by Sam Mabey

I'm just out of Cartegena and I wanted to share my trip so far. I've been putting Rooster's Passage range...

By Rooster Ambassador 2nd October 2020

12 Paddleboarding Safety Tips - Sea lion Boards

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the water, from calm sheltered bays along the coast, to the...

By Rooster Ambassador 25th May 2022

Top 5 Best Ways to Start Sailing on a Shoestring

It's really easy to see how expensive sailing can be. You look at the top end of the sport –...

By Emma Pearson 16th May 2022