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Kit Guide

Blog articles on recommendations and suggestions on purchasing and using the Rooster water sports kit.

Layering for Dinghy Sailing in UK Wintertime

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020

Sailing in the UK during the winter time might sound like a bad idea, but with the correct kit you can be comfortable and unrestricted - it's all about selecting the right layers for the job. UK winter time is generally between 3 and 12 degrees, often windy and very damp.   Base layersStart with our PolyPro garments. Worn next to the skin, they are naturally hydrophobic so you will remain warm and as dry as possible. These garments will come out of a good spinner almost dry enough to wear and are available in top, bottoms and socks for...

How to "End for End" a Top Mast

Bent top masts in the Laser®, now ILCA, are not fast - you loose leach tension which in turn effects...

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020

Personality Over Podiums - What Rooster looks for in potential ambassadors

Started in 2016, the Rooster Ambassador programme was designed to offer water dreamers in genuine need and desire easier access...

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020

What have Molecular Forces got to do with Water Sports?

Have you ever wondered why water sticks to Spandex and not Polypropylene? For the real techie explanation read on: When...

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020

Product Development: The Rooster® Harness - Meets latest World Sailing Regulations

The Rooster® Trapeze Harness is fully compliant with the new weight rules and has positive buoyancy as per requirements in the 2021-2024...

By kate morrison 8th July 2021