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Probably the most common repair we will ever need to do to an old Laser is the gunwale repair.   I have done this many times, but the introduction of the West 610 System, the repair has become so much simpler.  



In my mobile toolkit I tend to always take a battery operated Dremel, A tube of West 610 epoxy and a couple of spare nozzles.  The video was shot one lockdown Summer Saturday in 2020 but was aiming to replicate what you could do in a boat park. 

If I were dealing with normal epoxy, I would tend to weigh the portions out to ensure I get as close to the mix ratio as possible.  Epoxy being quite critical.  The great thing about the West 610 system is that it comes out ready mixed in the correct proportions straight away; its my new boat park best friend.  Just in case the two cambers are not balanced from new, I tend to waste a little at first so I know I have the balanced mixture from the nozzle. 

If you think there is any chance of getting epoxy on your hands - do wear gloves.  This system does mean you can avoid all that mixing and touching, which again is why I love it.  


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