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Kit Guide

Harmonised Rope Colours - Dream or Reality?

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020

Standardisation of rope colours has been a hobby horse of mine for a very long time. I'm pretty sure it started when I used to swap boats with my mates to check out their rig or when stood on the shore, coaching. I would look down at perhaps 4 control lines and find that none were harmonised with the part of the boat they affected. Early on I standardised my control line colours and once I had the chance to influence what was available on the market, I made sure we offered Spectweleve Dyneema®  and now Easysplice® for primary lines that matched my standard - Anything to help my tired brain when on the water!
My preference for the last 35 years:
  • Kicker or Vang: RED
  • Cunningham or downhaul: BLUE
  • Outhaul: GREY or BLACK
  • Spinnaker Halyard: FLURO YELLOW
For those of you with a traveller and inhaul control line, I'm yet to adopt a standard. So what are your preferences?

Don't know which line to choose? Checkout our Blog and order online when you're sorted!

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