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Kit Guide

What is a Rigging Coat?

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020

About 3 years ago I thought we should try and produce our take on a neoprene rigging coat but use Aquafleece® with taped seams instead. 

Our first iteration was great to wear and created lots of interest, but we had our doubts about it commercially. Despite some of the initial design drawbacks, Sarah and I would take the first two sample coats with us when going to the sailing club in inclement weather.

Last summer brought it home to me. When rigging for the 4000 Nationals in Tenby, we had 2-3 inches of rain in 4 hours! Both Sarah and I wore our rigging coat samples with hi fit trousers and were both warm and dry. Those in conventional coats looked utterly miserable. This convinced me that we should work a little harder to bring the Aquafleece® Rigging coat to market.

After a couple more iterations we had improved the hood significantly, so much so, that it must be the most water proof and stable hood on the market. 

We had worked on the length of the garment. I felt it was important that the coat went down almost to the knees - the longer it was, the warmer and dryer it would be. At this length you have to be mindful of the bottom seam girth to allow you to walk and sit freely. Adding extra girth at the bottom added to both the wearing comfort and the general breathability, so it had become more of a poncho.

We also added a second cuff and water proof pocket zips to make it as cosy as it could possibly be.

I can see it being popular with fishermen, football fans, safety boat drivers - any relatively inactive outdoor activity would suit this garment as it is very warm and dry.

Packing away after "Snowflake" racing at Chichester Yacht Club this spring has now become a pleasure. The cold wind can blow and the rain can pour, and I really do not care. It is currently available in Black or Blue

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