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Tuning Guide

Blog articles related to boat speed and tuning.

What’s The Difference Between a Phillips and a Pozidrive head on a typical screw?

By Mark Harper 11th January 2023

When you purchase self-tapping screws or machine screws from Rooster, make you you use the correct screwdriver for the job.... A typical Rooster pan headed self-tapping screw as used in the ILCA/LASER. (Pozidrive head)   SELF TAPPING SCREW GAUGE 10 X 1.5" POZI PAN HEAD - LASER/ILCA SCREW - A4 STAINLESS STEEL A typical Topper machine screw (Pozidrive head) A TOPPER Y15 TRAVELLER CLEAT SCREW - SINGLE - A4 STAINLESS STEEL The image below highlights the difference on the screwdriver head, which corresponds with the difference in the screw recess pattern. (And just so you know, whilst we use the common UK spelling Pozidrive, Pozidriv...

And Yet More Topper Tips!

Hello! Following on from my last top ten tips from my time in the Topper National Squad, these are the...

By Frances Fox 2nd October 2020

Top 10 Topper Tips

Hello! As you may have gathered from the title, I'm going to share with you the many boat-prep tips and...

By Frances Fox 2nd October 2020