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Tuning Guide

Blog articles related to boat speed and tuning.

And Yet More Topper Tips!

By Frances Fox 2nd October 2020

Hello! Following on from my last top ten tips from my time in the Topper National Squad, these are the next ten! Tip no.11: Topper introduced a new style sail with a webbing strap to stop the sail slipping down the top of the mast as the halyard loop stretches. However, these straps have a tendency to break – which is far worse. So I stuck to the more reliable halyard loop. The only new sails now available are those with the webbing strap but you can still use these with a halyard loop by just pushing the webbing out...

Top 10 Topper Tips

Hello! As you may have gathered from the title, I'm going to share with you the many boat-prep tips and...

By Frances Fox 2nd October 2020