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Replacement MK2 Standard Laser Sail Combo Deal

Product Code: 107523
Alternative Image Replacement MK2 Standard Laser Sail Combo Deal
Price: £276.36 RRP: £290.90 Save: £14.55
Replacement MK2 Standard Laser Sail Combo Deal
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Rooster OD Replacement Sail for the Laser® Standard rig (which is to the new Mk2 radial cut design) .  The sail cloth (3.8oz) used is the same as the official Laser training sail, but the cut and shape has been altered slightly to ensure it does not break any design copyright.  This is a quality product and will be ideal for those who are looking for the perfect training sail.

Tuning Guide
The radial cut standard sail does not use the same set up as the original cross cut sail.  It is actually similar to the radial (5.7 - the radial), in that it requires lots more vang/kicker tension to bring the fullness back away from the luff.  I have heard that lighter sailors have got away with a very flat sail on flat water using their outhaul.  This sail is also quite powerful.  The leach stands for longer than the original cross cut, which would work well on inland waters.  Those who have been the happiest when changing to the new official raidial cut sail have been in the heavier weight range. 


Each package comes with:

  • A Folded Sail
  • A Batten Set
  • A Set of 'Digital Eight' sail numbers (4 red and 8 black)
  • A Rooter 2.9m long sail bag (folded)
  • A Set of Tell Tails (Teflon®  Coated Tell Tails - 3 green and 3 red).
  • Rooster Large Sail Tidy.

Note: It does not come supplied with the Laser® class insignia.  Also, the Rooster Sail Number service is NOT available for DIGITAL Eight numbers, ONLY precut letters and numbers.

Rooster OD replacement parts are high quality replacements that perform the same function as the original part. They should not be confused with official parts bearing the Laser® registered trademark. They cannot be used if you are sailing at an Association event. However, they are perfect for social sailing, sailing schools, club sailing or training. Generally, there is a significant cost saving when purchasing Rooster OD  parts.

Note: The offical Laser Standard Mark II sail (bi-radial construction) is manufactured from 4.5oz Dacron cloth


Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Rooster Sailing Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.


There are currently no FAQs for this product. If you require more information please feel free to Contact Us or browse our online Hints & Tips.
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  • Charles Watson, Halifax, 16 September 2019
    I sailed with this sail for the first time yesterday, it is so much more controllable and a really well made product at an excellent price. I bought the sail before you were doing the package so I missed out on the sail tidy & long sail bag, what fantastic value for money that is now !!!