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PolyPro™ Top

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PolyPro™ Top
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About Polypro

Rooster Polypro is constructed from a combination of Polypropylene (94%) and Elastane (6%). We've brushed the inner fabric surface to give it a thick, fleece-like, high quality texture which feels incredibly warm and soft next to your skin. The resulting garments provides excellent thermal qualities making it the perfect base layer. Polypropylene is naturally hydrophobic, which means the fabric feels remarkably dry, even when wet. Wear it next to your skin underneath our neoprene Longjohns and Tops - in fact the possibilities are endless - our Polypro base layers would be great under your ski suit, drysuit, winter cycling, kayaking, walking and anytime you need a thermal base layer.

Also available as leggings, socks and headwear - see related items.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm water.

  • Breathable Polypropylene material wicks moisture away from the body
  • Brushed ´fleece´ inner providing excellent thermal qualities
  • Dries very quickly after use and washing due to the hydrophobic (water repellent) nature of polypropylene
  • Wear beneath a Hot Top as an insulating layer during winter for incredible warmth
  • Ideal for a range of outdoor activities in the colder months including skiing, road cycling, mountain biking and kayaking
Size Chart

To use the size chart, find a size that best fits your height, chest and waist measurements. If you can't match all three of these criteria, please take into account your body shape and choose the closest match. We have also included a ladies dress size comparison.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Height Chest Waist
3X-Small 141cm 71-76cm  
2X-Small 153cm 76-85cm  
X-Small 158-163cm 85-92cm 71-76cm
Small 163-170cm 92-97cm 74-76cm
Medium 170-178cm 97-102cm 79-84cm
Large 178-186cm 102-109cm 87-94cm
X-Large 186-188cm 109-119cm 97-102cm
2X-Large 188-191cm 119-125cm 104-109cm
Size Height Chest Waist
3X-Small 4'7" 28-30"  
2X-Small 5' 30-33"  
X-Small 5'2"-5'4" 33-36" 28-30"
Small 5'4"-5'7" 36-38" 29-30"
Medium 5'7"-5'10" 38-40" 31-33"
Large 5'10"-6'1" 41-43" 34-37"
X-Large 6'1"-6'2" 43-46" 38-40"
2X-Large 6'2"-6'3" 46-49" 41-43"
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Product Reviews

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  • Megan, Birmingham, 24 November 2019
    I bought this as an extra layer for the winter and it is very warm and fits well. I would recommend it
  • Adele, Bangor , 03 November 2019
    I bought this top for my 12 year old who has just started winter sailing. We bought the XS and the fit is good, warm, stretchy & comfortable fabric. She loves it! Highly recommended.
  • Adele, Bangor , 03 November 2019
    I bought this top for my 12 year old who has just started winter sailing. We bought the XS and the fit is good, warm, stretchy & comfortable fabric. She loves it! Highly recommended.
  • James Dalton, Cononley, Keighley, 24 September 2019
    I purchased this top to use under my 2.5mm long john, it fits to the size guide and works as advertised. This top is very comfortable and is very stretchy. It is the perfect all round top
  • Ryan, Auckland , 28 April 2017
    Really comfy and keeps you nice and warm
  • Ellie Aikman , Milton Keynes, 17 February 2017
    This has had high use over the winter. It's perfect as a base layer under a wetsuit in winter and as an exterior top on its own in summer
  • Diego, La Coru�a, 26 October 2016
    Perfect base layer to use on cold days in winter, or as an external layer in autumm.
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall, 24 October 2016
    The best base layer I have ever worn. This top can be worn all year around. In Winter I wear it with a SuperTherm Top, In Spring & Autumn with a ThermaFlex Top and Summer on its own. I even wear it to work on a cold day on the building site. A perfect all round top.
  • Richie Thurlby, Portsmouth, 17 October 2016
    Since I got my Polypro, there hasn't been a single time I haven't worn it sailing. Really great piece of kit, whatever the weather.
  • Richard Brameld, Lincoln, 14 October 2016
    Fantastic product, really nice quality and great heat boost. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Every kitbag needs at least one of these in it.
  • Ellie, Cornwall, 14 October 2016
    This top is a really good base layer: I get cold very easily and this has been brilliant at keeping me warm even when I am wet. I would definitely recommend it, particularly if sailing in the colder months of the year. The top has some stretch to it so fits really well and the fabric feels nice so is a really comfortable base layer.
  • Robert Draper, Gosport, 14 October 2016
    Excellent all season kit
  • Steve Bales, Huntingdon, 14 October 2016
    I've always had a problem with getting cold in between races. This top keeps me toasty warm even if I've got really hot and sweaty during a race. I shall be taking the top skiing with me as the thermal properties would allow me to wear this under a ski jacket. Top quality product
  • Richie Thurlby, Portsmouth, 14 October 2016
    Since I got my Polypro, there hasn't been a single time I haven't worn it sailing. Really good piece of kit in all conditions, I would recommend it to all sailors.
  • Geri Coop, Kettering, 11 December 2014
    Wonderful fabric and high quality garment, toasty warm without bulk and comfortable even when perspiring or wet. Note for women; it is shaped for the male form, so even though the fabric is high stretch, I should have ordered a size larger. I'm a slim size 10 B cup and size S would be more comfortable with another inch or so round the bust and hip although it's fine in the waist, shoulders and the length is good even for my long back.
  • William Derries, Allanton, 04 September 2014
    Having used this top twice so far, once for sailing and another for rescue, I've decided this is one of my best pieces of kit. Goes really well with a rash vest, hikers and a pro aquafleece for sailing, and partnered with a coastal jacket and pro aquafleece, is brilliant for rescue, sitting on the console, it kept me nice and toasty. Brilliant piece of kit, as I've come to expect from rooster.
  • Adrian Howe, Steeple Claydon, 27 June 2013
    Bought to wear under my hot top as I was getting cold between races if there was a delay and lots of wind. Great warmth but also makes a wetsuit far more comfortable as it quickly drys out against the skin. My hot top was my favorite bit of kit but the polypro top has now surpass it.
  • George Yeoman, Guildford, 02 April 2013
    Used the poly pro in the sub zero conditions this weekend with nothing more than a Pro Aqua Fleece and Supertherm Longjohns and could not have been more impressed with the warmth and comfort!
  • Clare Sargent, Larkhill, 03 January 2013
    I wore this Xmas Present for the first time at the Grafham Grand Prix. I have always been a fan of pleasantly cold so as not to get too hot when sailing hard. But I won't need to do that in future. Adding this under my other Rooster layers meant I stayed warm all day, and even when capsizing (twice - one of which was a proper extended turtle). Couldn't recommend it more highly.
  • Nicholas Denney, Colchester, 27 August 2012
    Absolutely great bit of kit. Very versatile, I wear it more often than any of my other gear. I really love the fact that it doesn't seem to get smelly. I wore it every day for 9 days of solid sailing and despite not being cleaned once it hadn't picked up any nasty smells. One tiny problem is that I couldn't find a size which fitted me as well as I'd have liked. Ended up with one that is slightly too short on the arms but apart from that it's brilliant.
  • Tom Johnson, Thwaite St Mary, 30 October 2011
    I recently bought this to wear under the Hot Top thinking it would keep me warm for the colder seasons but with the combination of both so far this autumn i have baked to death!! It really does ""give your neoprene garments a major heat boost""!! The soft material is really warm and cosy to put on even when you have just crawled out of bed, and it dries off really quickly after sailing. A small and handy help is the thumb holes in the sleeves which help you to put on your next layer.
  • F Ford, Plymouth, 08 January 2010
    Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the product (and the Rooster service!) This top really is one of my best purchases. Very impressed with the warmth, general comfort, the stretch...it's fantastic. I use it as a base layer for walking when it's chilly, and often find I don't need the middle layer in addition. I've worn it with a pair of leggings when I went jogging during this snowy patch, and was toasty warm. It's really an impressive product. I have also worn it dinghy sailing, and it's equally good for that purpose too. I love it so much fancy another one...I think I'll try the polypro leggings next! Size wise, I'm usually either an 8 or a 10. I've got the XS size, and I find it fits just right. Fits well against the skin, but still allows plenty of movement. Good stuff =)
  • gay dunne, wexford, 23 June 2009
    the polypro helped keep me warm and toasty throughout frostbites sailing! on warmer days its excellent with just some waterproofs and an aquafleece, comfy with excellent manouvenerability! great shipping too! thanks rooster!
  • Juliet Brown, Great Cambourne, 29 January 2009
    I initially just bought the top as I wanted something to keep me warm while I am rowing during the winter months. The top works so well that I have now combined it with the leggings. My top layers (now just a jersey top and bottoms) can get wet from rain and splashing that the blades cause but these PolyPro base layers remain completely dry and therefore keep me warm. Fantastic kit that I will happily recommend to anyone for any sort of outdoor winter training.
  • Sarah Garrett, Putney, 12 January 2009
    Superb top! Never loses its shape during washing but remains tight, comfy and above all warm. The thumb holes are genius and frequently prevented me fishing up my sailing jacket for a lost sleeve!
  • Janis Lacis, London, 14 November 2007
    I bought it to be worn under my wet-suit as it makes it, much warmer. Very importantly (because of slippery lycra-like outside) it is very easy to put on and take off your wet-suite. It used to be quite a struggle. It has excellent breathability, it does not soak up moisture and is the best choice for dry-suit. I learned to love it so much that I use it for skiing and cycling. Highly recommended. P.S. To be used with Rooster Poly Pro Leggings.