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Classic Aquafleece® Top - Unisex

Product Code: 105299
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Manufactured from a new material developed by Rooster in conjunction with a leading technical fabric manufacturer. This top has a Polyurethane coating on the outside for water resistance, durability and flexibility combined with a fleece inner layer to keep you snug and warm - a combination that works well when wet or dry. It can either be worn under your hikers as a base layer, mid layer or as a top layer over them.

Washing Instructions

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm water.

Size Chart

This size chart is a guide to the size of Aquafleece that you will need for an 'average' build.

To use the size chart, find a size that best fits your chest and waist. If you can't match both of these criteria, please take into account your body shape and choose the closest match.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Waist Chest
Junior Small 55-60cm 60-66cm
Junior Medium 58.5-63.5cm 66-71cm
Junior Large 63.5-67cm 68-81.5cm
X-Small 71-76cm 85-92cm
Small 74-76cm 92-97cm
Medium 79-84cm 97-102cm
Large 87-94cm 102-109cm
X-Large 87-94cm 109-119cm
2X-Large 104-109cm 119-125cm
3X-Large 109-116cm 126-130cm
Size Waist Chest
Junior Small 22-24" 24-26"
Junior Medium 23-25" 26-28"
Junior Large 25-27" 28-32"
X-Small 28-30" 33-36"
Small 29-31" 36-38"
Medium 31-33" 38-40"
Large 34-37" 41-43"
X-Large 38-40" 43-46"
2X-Large 41-43" 49-51"
3X-Large 43-46" 49-51"
There are currently no FAQs for this product. If you require more information please feel free to Contact Us or browse our online Hints & Tips.

Product Reviews

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  • Kevin, Portsmouth, 13 September 2020
    Replaced my delaminating cheap spray jacket with this and it's just brilliant. Much softer and more flexible than a full waterproof and has kept me warm after a couple of high speed dunkings and extended periods of removing mast heads from the mud. I expected it to feel a bit soggy after a complete immersion but that wasn't the case at all.
  • Rich, Bristol, 05 May 2020
    This has been a fantastic buy, bought it years ago and still going strong, will stretch over a bUoyancy aid or can be worn underneath. I only regret not buying the pro model with the adjustable cuffs.
  • Haris, Belgrade, 26 October 2019
    Aquafleece Top is one of my favorite Rooster products. Sleevs can easily attach to the wrist and it is made from a very strechy material which allows me to move quickly in the boat. Aquafleece top always keeps me warm and dry and it's easily cold washed without any concerne that material will get dammaged.
  • Kavan elliott, Liverpool, 08 September 2019
    Very good product love using it! Keep up the good work rooster
  • Yuan Wong, Elderslie, 24 July 2019
    Very good quality, keeps me warm and it's comfy, it cleans easily as well and not hard to rinse the salt off.
  • Emma, Ceredigion, 27 March 2019
    Got one for myself to wear on safety boat duty after borrowing my kids ones. Keeps me warm and dry on top (I pair it with drysuit type trousers) and the salt can be rinsed off easily rather than wearing a more expensive jacket. Great value.
  • Julius, Hamburg, 28 November 2018
    Able to take pretty harsh treatment and still keep you warm and dry. The one thing never missing from my kit bag
  • Richard Bourne, Mortimer, 16 May 2018
    Brough for my 9 year old, loves the warmth and quality
  • Alex, Cowes, 13 April 2018
    Simply the best piece of kit in my kit bag at the moment. Warm, comfortable, flexible and perfect for any season. Pair it with hikers in the summer or a steamer in the winter, either way you'll be warm and dry!
  • Oliver Mason, Birmingham, 28 April 2017
    Fantastic product. That and a rash vest is all I need for racing to keep my upper body warm. Can easily be combined with further layers below for extra warmth. My only regret is that I didn't buy the pro-version which allows you to tighten it around your waist!
  • Jeff Harrison, Lisburn, 26 October 2016
    Been using the Aquafleece for nearly 10 years - very durable as I'm only on my second. Warm, waterproof and can be used as a mid layer in winter and top layer in spring/summer. Great value too
  • Sarah, King's Lynn, 14 October 2016
    Warm, wind proof, comfortable to wear and quick drying.
  • Neil, Brighton, 14 October 2016
    Brilliant comfortable and warm . Easy care easy wear!
  • grace clark, Titchfield, 21 April 2016
    Just the best top, bought for wearing when helping cadets worn racing in an 800 kept me warm in cold northerly conditions thank you Rooster.
  • Andrew Wyper, Opio, 02 July 2014
    Very impressed with the simplicity and versatility of this top. 90% of the time this and my hikers are all I need. I just add thin fleece and dry top in the winter. It's a year old now and looks as good as new.
  • Kevin Glenister, Falmouth, 23 June 2010
    The best piece of sailing kit I own by a long way! As soon as you put it on, it just feels 'right'. I didnt think it would keep me particularly dry but after 3 races in F5 winds and 4'waves in a Laser, I was as warm and dry as when I started. A pair of hikers and an aquafleece will see you through to the very coldest weather. Buy one!