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Rooster's latest high-performance traveller for the laser/ILCA is again a breakthrough in rope technology. Made from 3.5m of 5mm Rooster Zero Pro Finish, this new rope has the same 'zero' stretch inner core but now has a super smooth outer jacket to make steering with a tight traveller smooth as if you were sailing with a loose traveller. You will find it easier to use our new Black Zero Pro Finish as the inner core is grey, which makes it easier to pick it out of the outer core.  The construction is very round which cleats effortlessly; its roundness also limits the contact with the tiller which again reduces friction from the tiller. You can purchase the finished 'Ultimate laser Traveller' or have a go at splicing it yourself. It's fun and will save some money. Tools used: Rooster Serrated Scissors - constantly Rooster Easy Splice Needle Fid - to pull the outer jacket 4mm Push Fid - to make the simple loop in the inner zero core, Rooster Tape for Rope - to seal the other end.  Why not purchase a full set of splicing tools with our Splicing Tool Kit Combo Deal With any luck, your eye will look like this:

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