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 The Solidarity Programme was initiated in 2018 at the Annual Meeting of Eurilca. During this meeting, the board noted that there were remaining funds in the account. I suggested creating the Solidarity Project to assist nations that were not participating in the Europeans. That's how we got started...

Since then, we have managed to enable over 100 sailors to represent their countries at ILCA 4 European Championships.

The goal of the project is not only offering economic support, but also high-level coaching and support before, during and after the championship on the water and on the shore.

We offer free entry fee, coaching on the water and on the shore, team clothing sponsored by Rooster Sailing. Since 2021, we've additionally supported national coaches to attend events alongside our high-level coaches to enhance their coaching abilities. 

This year, we had a total of 28 sailors, comprising 15 females and 13 males, representing 11 different nations. Our team was bolstered by three Olympian coaches whose expertise significantly elevated the coaching standard, providing immense benefits to our sailors. As the team leader, I oversee support during measurement, registration, and handle all matters requiring resolution. Additionally, I occasionally step in to provide on-water coaching when necessary.

How do we find the sailors?

I review the entry list and analyse the Europeans' statistics. Following this, I reach out to the national ILCA class representatives who haven't participated in the last 3-5 years to understand their reasons for non-participation. Some require coaching, while others lack the funds to cover charter expenses.

Once I've gathered all the applications, I assess which sailors require support and assemble the team, seeking final approval from the EurIlca board.

Additionally, some boat builders support our program by offering special charter deals to our sailors.


Rooster Sailing plays a key role in our project. Their exceptional clothing fosters a strong sense of team unity among us. We proudly march together at the opening ceremony, donning our team apparel, with the Solidarity Logo prominently displayed on red bibs to help our coaches easily spot our sailors on the water. Additionally, we provide our coaches with technical gear for on-water activities. The Pro Rigging Jackets, visors, and waterproof backpacks are highly valued by our coaching staff.


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