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As the leaves turn to orange and the autumn night start to draw an early close, our number one question at Rooster’s Customer Service is which Aquafleece do I go for? 
There is no simple definitive answer to this question, but the following guidance should help you choose what’s best for you. 
For the occasional watersport partaker: 
Someone who maybe only sails a few times or doesn’t want to spend too much on a super technical bit of gear, the Classic Aquafleece Top is your friend. It’s still made with the same great all-round Aquafleece material and with a simple panel layout and overlock stitching construction, should provide enough protection from the elements on cooler days. If you’re buying for a child that’s in a growth spurt and eating, you out of house and home – we’d recommend this version too as it’s designed slightly longer in the body than the Pro Lite or Pro. 
“I sail all year” except if I have the break the ice off the cover first… 
Pro Lite Aqufleece Top is for you. This uses the same material and stitching as the Classic but has adjustment at the cuffs and wait band to help keep water out and the warm in. It is by far, our most popular model and comes in a range of colours as well as a ladies fit. If you’re not sure what to go for, it’s probably this one(!) 
“I’m a self-confessed nutter. I’m on the water all year round – the colder the better!” 
Pro Aquafleece Top is for you, particularly in the winter. (Although you may want to switch it out for a lightweight top for summer). Pro Aquafleece fabric is the thickest in this range and has taped seems so that no cold water will get through where the panels are stitched together. If you’re a cold bod, this single top with take you through autumn to spring and is likely to transform your winter sailing. 
For the All-Weather Outdoor Protection in a Jacket 
Ideal for rigging up in the rain, hiking through the mountains in a storm or just popping up to the shop in torrential rain, the Pro Aquafleece Rigging Jacket is for you. The initial design idea was to build a jacket capable of going on top of all your gear to protect you from those days when it’s probably warmer to rig up already in your wetsuit. It is over sized, comes down to the just above the knee and has double sleeve cuffs as well as a mid-height collar and waterproof zip to really keep all the drips out. Just like the Pro Aquafleece top, this coat is made with the same thicker fleece and taped seams but its less sailing specific design opens it up to a variety of sport and activities. 
The ultimate cool crossover 
The Aquafleece Hoodie could be considered our most exciting Aquafleece yet. The normal hoodie style you would expect, crossed with the classic or Pro Lite Aquafleece materials gives any watersports lover the option to use one garment for ie Paddle Boarding up the river or sitting on the rail of a yacht and then heading straight to the pub or nipping into the supermarket for some lunch and not looking out of place. It’s been a great hit with dog walkers, requiring a more wind protection than a normal jumper and also sailing instructors spending all day on and off the water. 
For the Multi-Sport Athlete 
New for 22 is the Active Aquafleece, designed with a slimmer, yet more flexible fit, with additional panels added at the back of the shoulders for unlimited movement. The large front zip down to the chest allows for great ventilation, where this top can be used for nearly any sport. It is not completely waterproof (although the fabric itself is waterproof) as the seams are not taped, but this does allow for extra breathability. It uses the same seam construction as the Classic, Pro Lite and Hoodie Aquafleece styles. The Rooster team have tested it for running, cycling and sailing (of course) and it’s been a real hit! 
For the Instant Warm Hug: Aquafleece Robe 
Our newest iteration of the Aquafleece is so new, it’s not yet on the shelf. The Aquafleece 2 in 1 Robe is an all cocooning hooded gown to wrap you up and keep you protected from the outside elements. Ideal for post swim or watching from the side-lines, this has got to be the thickest, warmest and cosiest application of Aquafleece yet. Key to this style is it’s removable teddy lining, that can be washed easily making it even easier to care for, whilst also doubling up the purpose of the Robe as a lighter jacket.  
If you’re still unsure what to go for after reading this, give Rooster a call or drop us an email so we can find what’s best for you and your activities. 

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