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Here is a neat little trick to make your Aero Halyard work a little more smoothly.

Take 1m of Rooster Easysplice and take 600mm of the inner core, but remember to tie a knot in the other end to ensure you keep the inner core where the rope stopper is. It will be hard to take out the 600mm - but give it your best shot. Then you can make a Brummel hitch loop in the easy splice (you will have to unknot the other end to pass it back through the tail. ). Examples of a Brummel hitch video can be found here. I folded the 600mm of uncored rope in half and made a 40mm long loop, ensuring the tail went back into the line over the maximum distance to fill the space that the inner core left. This gives the Easysplice the right thickness to jamb in your cleat. To ensure the boggle does not fall off the other end, you might like to back splice some of the EasySplice into the end (make it thicker). Check and adjust the length of your new EasySplice halyard to ensure the double thickness easy splice sits neatly on the cleat area. I keep using the stretchy 2mm polyester line as my pull up or uncleat line because its stretch allows the mast bend to vary lots with vang tension, ensuring that it will not pull the halyard out of the mast cleat. If you have lost the original - you can use this replacement (approx. 11m length is required) 2mm Polyester Halyard Line, sold per m.

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