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SailGP Inspire - It's what Rooster is all about

By Florence Hales 21st March 2022

Rooster has been working with SailGP Inspire programme since the get-go in 2019. The Inspire programme was initially set up to leave a positive legacy and build a sustainable sport to a Global audience. The programme is open to those of all backgrounds, nationality, gender and race. For some of the participants, this will sometimes be the first time they set eyes on a boat, yet alone set sail and at Rooster, we completely reflect the aim to create a pathway and allow young people to experience the joy of being on the water. Our core values have always been to ‘Inspire, Educate and Facilitate access to the freedom of being on the water’ and that in itself speaks volumes to why our partnership and commitment to the SailGP Inspire programme is so aligned.

Primarily, Rooster’s purpose within the Inspire programme has been to provide high quality and durable kit to help keep the kids comfortable and confident on the water. This includes flexible and comfortable neoprenes and protective UVF rash products combined with buoyancy aids and accessories to improve participants’ experience. The Rooster design team worked closely with the SailGP Inspire team to create a customised rash and race bib design which stands out in an iconic teal and purple amongst the crowds. On the surface, that is exactly what we do, but the partnership is so much more than that, Rooster has more recently been a part of the Inspire programme’s ‘Adopt a Club’. This scheme makes sure that when a club has been used for the event, it is not left behind and not just used as a temporary space. The club will experience continued support from SailGP Inspire and Rooster combined. The ‘Adopt a Club’ scheme offers the opportunity for club members to purchase Rooster kit at a discount rate post-event. This means that the first steps to being confident on the water remain accessible and that legacy is really important and supports the key Rooster values. Other elements of the impact Rooster has left imprinted globally include donating kit to a local sailing club in Australia that unfortunately suffered a devastating fire. Luckily no one was injured but we understand that sailing clubs are a hub of community and belonging, so donating kit felt like the right thing to do where an Inspire community was deeply affected.

Tom Herbert Evans, Youth Program Manager at SailGP Inspire shares his thoughts on the successful partnership that we share;

“Rooster have been involved with SailGP since Season 1, they've been essential in supporting the establishment of SailGP’s community outreach program called Inspire. The INSPIRE program is focused on using the flying F50s to Inspire a new generation of interest the sport, mainly across three core areas; someone who’s never seen or been on a boat, young adults that are interested in maritime careers and lastly providing a racing pathway beyond youth and into the foiling generation. The three pillars are named Learn, Careers & Racing. Rooster supports all three, which includes everything from supplying technical kit to the foiling generation to providing thermal jackets for our careers candidates. In my opinion Rooster are the most accessible sailing brand, their kit remains innovative, cool and it lasts. I bumped into one of our program partners in Australia who was still wearing his 15year old Aquafleece. They have been incredible at aligning with our brand which includes a whacky purple and teal colour pallet, they recently created a custom cap that included our SailFish Logo (the SailFish does the same top speed as the F50 and its tail fin is the same shape as the rudder foil), everyone including the F50 sailors wanted to get a hold of the cap, Rooster are an influencer in making our sport closer to surfing as opposed to traditional sailing; whilst innovating technical apparel and keeping us all warm (at least in the UK). When we started foiling on the Waszps, Rooster launched an impact range that kept our sailors safe. They are firmly on the pulse of the sailing World and make the kit to match the fast paced development of our sport. This is a very small piece of the larger puzzle, if we want to grow our sport our sailing apparel needs to appeal to the up and coming generation; Thank you Rooster!”

I think Tom sums up the partnership really nicely and it couldn’t be more true how essential it is that the kit is functional and cool enough for the kids to wear with pride during their races.

As Season 2 comes to a close at the Grand Finale in San Francisco this week, there are a couple of extra exciting things that the Inspire Champions have in store such as a kit bundle giveaway which includes one of our coveted 60L Dry Bags to take away as memorabilia and a gift for all their perseverance and development over the last 12 months. A highlight to mention will definitely be racing in the world’s iconic sail race track and under the Golden Gate Bridge - what an opportunity for these kids!

We are thoroughly looking forward to the start of Season 3, with two new and exciting locations mixed in with past contributing cities and ports. We are certain that the crowds will draw in, the Inspire sign ups will grow and the legacy will continue to be firmly planted wherever SailGP Inspire go.

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