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Clean christmas campaign

rooster + final straw foundation

earn an aquafleece® robe

We’ve changed up our traditional Christmas giveaway this year, and instead we have partnered with the Final Straw Foundation for a CLEAN CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN.

But what does this entail? We want to increase awareness and mindfulness around good environmental practises – at the end of the day the outdoors is our playground so we have to look after it in order to benefit from it!

As a further incentive, we are gifting our new award winning Aquafleece® Robe to some of the best Eco-Warriors out there.

How do I enter? See below to find out more.

How long will the campaign be running? This campaign will run for all of December so you've got plenty of time to get involved.

Keep an eye on your emails in January, when we will recognise the most committed efforts.

how to get involved ?

Follow us on social media and share your pics/videos of either of the below whilst wearing your fave Rooster clothing

Make sure to use all 3 hashtags and to tag @roosterkit and @finalstrawfoundation:





Have you got any gear that is past its sell by date? Are your hikers holding together by their last thread? It’s probably time to turn them into something else that is more useful than getting a cold booty. The Final Straw have provided us with a step by step bag pattern that you can use as a base to make something new - scroll down to download it.  



This can be to any level, whether it be walking up your street/lane and
picking up rubbish on the side of the road or going further afield to your
local beach or park to collect rubbish. OR even better, gather your tribe and
do it together for a fun day in the fresh air.  

Before doing any little pick, please remember it is at your own risk and important things to consider:

1) You undertake this activity at your own risk

2) Always ensure your own safety first

3) Do not go into the water if you are near a waterway without the correct safety equipment

4) If you are not an adult, you must get your parents consent first

5) Do not pick up anything sharp

6) Always wear gloves and protect yourself. Do not put your hands near your face.

5) Make sure you wash your hands afterwards

6) Only do your litter pick in public spaces, do not enter private land

See below more advice for litter collecting, written in collaboration with
the Final Straw Foundation

Why should you get involved?

There are so many benefits in getting involved in our Clean Christmas Campaign. Not only will you be helping to reduce pollution into the environment but doing something in the outdoors or something practical can have endless benefits. These include mental health, natural vitamin top-ups, happy hormone releases, a great excuse to socialise with friends and family, a way to channel all that energy the Christmas food and festivities has given you into something productive, to name a few. It’s also internally rewarding to do something good , right?

We are all guilty of getting caught up in modern technology, so we challenge you to get practical and embrace something away from the computer this Christmas. The Rooster team all love being outdoors as much as anybody and we strongly believe in all the benefits that nature has to offer. But we do need to protect it, which is another reason we have launched this campaign. 

Feel the cold? Well all the more reasons to get onboard with the campaign so you can win yourself an Aquafleece® Robe – we are pretty sure that will resolve you from getting cold. No excuses.

Don’t forget to tag us in your posts AND wear your favourite Rooster clothing item to protect you whilst taking part! 

Final straw foundation

find out more about the foundation here

Read about the
aquafleece® robe

Why we developed it