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At Rooster® we work hard to ensure that our products provide the best fit, comfort and performance so that you can have fun on and off the water, and not have to worry about your kit.

Rooster® Passage 3 Layer Jacket & Hi-fits

We want your garments to last as long as possible to enable a lesser overall impact on the environment. Regular care and maintenance is really important to prolong the life and optimise performance of your garments. Salt and dirt build up as well as body oils can affect the membrane and overall DWR (durable water repellent) treatment effectiveness of your garment if not washed correctly; This will in turn affect the waterproofness, breathability and ultimately your day on the water.

If your garment appears to be leaking, this is most probably because the outer layer is becoming saturated with water reducing the breathability and creating condensation on the inside. In this case, your garment will need re-proofing.

Cleaning: Rinse after every use in fresh water to ensure that salt and dirt is all clear of surface. We recommend that you wash your garment in the washing machine every now and then. As a general guide see below our recommendation:

  • - Light use (e.g. walking, boat park use, dry sailing days): wash every 20-30 days of use
  • - Heavy use (e.g. keelboat racing, coaching/rib use, wet sailing days): wash every 10-12 days of use

Try to keep cleaning the garment to a minimum so use your judgement. Regularly check if water is still beading off – if it is not then your garment is most likely due a wash.

For washing in the machine, make sure that you wash on a low heat (max 30C) at a regular spin cycle setting with a non-biological cleaning product. It is really important not to use softener or any biological product for cleaning as this can affect the breathability and waterproofness, as these contain enzymes that damage the performance of the fabrics.   – We recommend Grangers® Performance wash.

Ensure that the front zippers and Velcro parts are in closed position, tension is released from all draw-cords, pocket zippers are open and any loose parts are secured before placing in the washing machine. Allow to dry naturally

Reapplying DWR: If your garment no longer shows the water beading off, then it is time to reapply the DWR treatment.

  1. 1. Prepare your wash in treatment  – We recommend Grangers Clothing Repel
  2. 2. Place garment in washing machine, as per washing instructions above, but instead of using the wash, use the Grangers reproofing wash in treatment.
  3. 3. Although effective without heat, complete the treatment by placing the garment in the dryer on a low/medium heat for 40 - 50 mins – this helps activate the DWR finish.


Why do we recommend Grangers® products?: At Rooster®, we are working to minimise our environmental impact. Grangers® are Bluesign® approved with all their products PFC-free, meaning that when you wash or reproof your garments, no harmful chemicals will be released in the process.

Storage: Make sure your garment is completely dry before storing. You may want to leave it for a little longer than when you think it is dry to ensure that all moisture has gone, especially if you are not planning on using it again for over a month.