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I race an RS700 which is a fantastic boat, it appeals to me as it is a singlehanded high-performance bag of fun. I can only blame myself if things go wrong. Once I started racing on the national circuit I very quickly realised that the fleet was so friendly and helpful this encouraged me back time and time again. I ended up going to the RS Games in 2018. It turned out to be an incredible few days of racing with fierce competition from multiple nations including a very strong Czech fleet. Not only this but some great banter on the beach including multiple bimble sessions on people’s boats including my own. This was helped by onsite chandlery, music and bar! It was a very windy week and luckily Zest were there repairing peoples boats into the middle of the night which you wouldn’t get at most events. In the last race of the event I ended up dislocating my shoulder, although a traumatic experience I was given all the help I needed including my boat being packed up by fellow competitors.

After such a great RS Games I was saddened to find out it only happened once every 4 years. I am very excited for the 2022 games. Our fleet already has an excellent set of pre entries. I am keen to catch up with some local and international friends as the RS700 will be coinciding their National and European Championship again. I will warn you now close accommodation is sparce and pricey however I wouldn’t miss this event, so I’ll be sleeping on the floor of my friends van! I have a good feeling about these games and imagine it will be bigger and better then 2018. See you in the boat park, i'll bring my splicing kit!



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