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Rooster News

We're Going Big at the Dinghy and Watersports Show This Year

By Emma Ralph 3rd February 2022

It's our absolute favourite time of year, The Dinghy and Watersports Show, it's 2022 and it feels like we haven't done this event in forever, so we thought we'd go bigger, do more, and make it the most fun and engaging Stand we've ever put up anywhere!

Our most exciting new addition will MOST CERTAINLY be that of the Chandlery Genius Bar, what on earth is that? I hear you cry, quite frankly boat bits, tweaks, ties and fixes are somewhat of a dark art to perfect and at Rooster we are blessed with the gods of dinghy know-how. Some are often on the phones giving their advice directly to you, some are in the warehouse building kits and some actually run the business. This year at the show we will be bringing them all together and sticking them behind a bar surrounded by all these fascinating and ingenious products, ready and chomping at the bit to help you with exactly what you need, whether that's a specific length of rope, start line advice, splicing intellect or the perfect amount of pigment to epoxy, they just live for it. Come prepared with your deepest, darkest chandlery and boat bit questions ready for this expert, die-hard dinghy sailing team.

Also, why not win a £250 Rooster Voucher while you're there? Take and post the most entertaining photo in our dedicated stand brand studio, complete with lights, displays and props, creativity is key and it's a 2-day-run competition so your chances are incredibly high.

We will also be hosting on stand talks with our new Rooster hang out bean bags, new displays and the ONLY opportunity going to preview our coming soon kit samples for 2022 and 2023! We will be bringing our entire range of Rooster kit and boat bits, with new ways of testing and trying the kit along with a unique offer across the entire Rooster stand exclusive to the show with our entire UK team on stand to talk about any questions you might have.

If you're thinking about coming to the show this year but were initially hesitant, well I've just given you 8 more reasons to jump on over:

1) Chandlery Genius Bar
2) Win £250 rooster voucher by being hilarious
3) On stand talks
4) Bean bags for the weary
5) Preview kit before it even exists
6) Offers on our full range of kit and boat bits - exclusive to the show
7) Our full UK team on site, we love a good chat
8) Get 10% of your show tickets now by using our unique code: RYAEX2209 and following this link!

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