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Boat Maintenance Tips

Blog articles on looking after and improving your dinghy, keelboat, or SUP, including articles showing how to repair or fix issues.

RS800 Ropes by Rooster

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

Name Length Diameter Type Jib sheet strop 3.4m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve (grey) Jib sheet 4.5m 6mm Rooster AllSpec Pro™ Spinnaker Sheet 12.7m 6mm Rooster AllSpec Pro™ Standard mainsheet 7.25m 9mm Rooster Polilite® 5:1 Mainsheet 10m 9mm Rooster Polilite® New rear sheeting mainsheet 12m 9mm Rooster Polilite® Mainsheet strops 2.5m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ Boom strops (main) 0.7m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ Boom strops (kicker) 0.9m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ Continuous kicker 13.5m 4mm Rooster EasySplice Continuos Control Line Cunningham 13.5m 4mm Rooster EasySplice Continuos Control Line Cunningham tail 1m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ Tramp ties 3.6m 4mm Rooster Polyloc™ Toe Strap Ties 0.8m 5mm...

How to - Make a Soft Shackle with a Dog Bone

With a 6 or 7 Dogbone you can quickly create some super smart soft shackles that are safe, secure and...

By Steve Cockerill 7th February 2021

Continuous Control Lines Made Simple with EasySplice

How to splice your new continuous control lines using Rooster EasySplice
By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020