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Boat Maintenance Tips

Blog articles on looking after and improving your dinghy, keelboat, or SUP, including articles showing how to repair or fix issues.

How to fit a typical dinghy sheave box into a spar

By Mark Harper 11th January 2023

This a short article on how to cut a neat slot in your alloy mast or boom to fit a typical sheave box.  This example is fitting a small 15mm diameter sheave block (from Ronstan) into a boom for the adjustment of the outboard end of a mainsail flattener.   Tools required: Pencil. Masking tape. Ruler. Vernier Callipers. (Optional) Hand/Electric drill and bits. A center punch. A small metal file. (Flat or triangular). A 'Dremel' tool and cutting disc attachment. (Optional)   Self tapping screws or pop rivets to fix the sheave box. Duralac Anti Corrosive Compound. A typical Sheave box ...

RS800 Ropes by Rooster

Name Length Diameter Type Jib sheet strop 3.4m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve (grey) Jib sheet 4.5m 6mm Rooster AllSpec Pro™ Spinnaker...

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

How to Change your Mylar Slot Gasket with 3M Tape

We did it. I was inspired to track down the tape that was used to win the 470 gold at...

By Steve Cockerill 31st March 2021

Continuous Control Lines Made Simple with EasySplice

How to splice your new continuous control lines using Rooster EasySplice
By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020