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Rooster Carbon Tiller Products

The Rooster Laser/ILCA Tillers in Detail

Rooster Laser/ILCA tillers comes in 2 versions - Standard and a Low Angle version.

Laser / ILCA Tiller Types

The Standard type tiller is for the Laser hull built in the UK and Europe by Performance Sailcraft Europe from 1969 to March 2019. This is the 'Laser' as built by Laser Performance.

Low profile type tiller is for the Australian built Lasers, the ILCA Ovington boat (UK March 2019 onwards) and the Devoti ILCA (EU) builders.

Attention to detail for the Rooster Laser/ILCA tillers:

  • Stainless steel plate to prevent traveller rope and tiller wear.
  • Clamcleat CL277an (anodised) racing micro cleat ready for a rudder down haul - pre-fitted cleat.
  • Fitted Omiflex joint trap ready for the RWO R0840 Omniflex Universal Joint. The RWO trap fitting used on this tiller is affixed to the carbon with 2 no. CARBON RIVETS  4.8mm dia. x 14mm long. See Rooster product SKU 133903
  • Spares available for the plate, cleat and UJ trap.
  • Please make sure you regularly change the PVC tape on your Rooster Laser/ILCA tiller to prevent lifting of the plate and possible loss. The PVC Tape is available HERE

The RWO SX262 OMNIFLEX UJ trap as used on the Rooster Laser/ILCA Tiller.

Rooster Carbon Tiller Extensions.

Quality race proven tillers from Rooster, built and used on the race track for over 20 years.

Attention to detail for the Rooster Carbon tiller extensions:

  • Available in 3 diameters 19, 22 and 25mm.
  • Lengths from 975mm to 2500mm.
  • Good quality & thick, stiff side wall construction.
  • Tillers are easily cut down to your custom length if required.
  • Universal joints are easily changed.
  • Super quality rubber Rooster end stoppers used - no 3D printer plastic used. Spares available HERE
  • A carbon insert universal joint sleeve, with a good bearing surface area - see photos below - again, no 3D printed plastic used.

How to change the the universal joint or cut down the tiller extension?

See the Rooster Blog article HERE

How to repair a broken Rooster tiller extension? 

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How to fit the optional Rooster Heat Shrink Grip?

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How to correctly rig the Rooster Laser/ILCA rudder downhaul rope?

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