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So You Want to be Sponsored by Rooster?

By Florence Hales 25th May 2022


As Events & Sponsorship Coordinator at Rooster, I control the flow of requests from an array of individuals, teams, associations and clubs every week.With every request I receive it is always really hard to say no. But as you can imagine we simply cannot say yes to everyone which is why I am about to share some hints and tips that often make my head turn. So listen up, because what I am about to share with you is all you need to know about getting supported this season:

  1. Be modest! A fatal mistake people often make is to show off, which is really not what Rooster is about. Please don’t list all the times you have won at an event, or even worse, a list of all your rankings since day dot! You should know us by now…we’re not all about winning. If you’re doing particularly well then that’s great and we are super excited to hear more, but don’t make it your focus pitch point. Tip: Keep your achievements to a minimum of one of your best or favourite moments so far
  2. Don’t be generic! We know…you have probably tried to contact all your favourite brands for an opportunity to be sponsored. But we have seen many a pitch in our time and we can tell from the first sentence that the same email has been fired off to everyone. Tip: make your email personal. Address either me (Flo) or Rooster, tell us something that you align with Rooster on a personal level, or name your favourite product of the moment and we will know that it’s Rooster that you really want to work with
  3. Tell us something we don’t know. We love surprises, and you’ll be glad to know not all of our partners and ambassadors are avid water sports enthusiasts . Most of the partnerships we form have something else going on too. So don’t be shy, tell us what else you get up too. Are you a budding photographer, or a keen weekend cyclist? Does your club do anything out of the ordinary, are you doing anything for a charity? The more we know about you the better. Hint: Tell us more than just your sailing or watersports interests, we want to know all about you, so do share.
  4. What’s in it for us? In order for us to understand your intentions from the get go and to be blown away with your ideas, you’ll need to let us know what you can do to help us, after all that is what forms the ultimate partnership. If you have a great idea, something you haven’t seen us try before that we can work on together, then let us know! If you're a member of a club and you want us to be involved in an event then guide us to how we can get involved. Tip: Leave plenty of time for ideas so we can give our absolute all into it, leaving things too last minute will result in it not happening or not being all it could be. Come up with something unique and we will be sure to read on
  5. We want to know all about you. Tell us where you’re from, where you do your sport, how long have you been doing it for, where you’re based and if you have anything coming up that we can help with. This is a great time saver and avoids us playing email tennis getting to know each other. Hint: pitches are not like job interviews, but you should try your best to let us know why we should work with you. Getting to know you is so important and first impressions certainly last
  6. What should you expect from Rooster? We know you love the kit, it’s the reason you’ve bothered to get in touch, right? Freebies are great but they are not always possible, so please be understanding that when we offer a great deal, we are doing our best to meet your needs fairly. We can also provide you with event collateral such as feather flags, table cloths, stickers and customised event merch!  Hint: Don’t be surprised if we offer you a discount in order to support you
  7. It’s cool to be kind. If you're doing something in your community to make a difference to people's lives then we want to hear about it. Are you helping disadvantaged or disabled people get on the water? Are you volunteering to coach at your club or using your spare time to help others achieve? Let us know what you’ve been up to. Don’t worry if you are not in a position where you can help, there are plenty of other ways you’re helping your community such as in your school or other hobby clubs. Hint: We want to be involved with good eggs that represent Rooster in all walks of their lives.
  8. Attachments are always fun. We love seeing you in your element, so if you can, attach an image or video doing the thing you love- bonus points if you’re wearing Rooster! Tip: Not only can we now see you doing what you love, it livens up your introduction and we can put a face to a name. Or send a link to your website and social media pages for us to check out and find out more
  9. Don’t be late to the party. Please give us time to process the request. 2 weeks is ideal for a prize scheme requests and one month is ideal for any custom requests. If you need any more support than that, then please leave a good few months for us to support you Tip: General rule of thumb is to give us plenty of time to help fulfil your needs. The more time we have the better we can help you!
  10. Remember to tag us! Whether it’s an Instagram story or a main feed post, if you don’t tag us, we can’t see it! We love to see what you have been up to whilst sporting your favourite Rooster products, but we will miss it if we don’t get that tag. Tagging Rooster also leads people to our page, so you will do your bit to share the love of your favourite kit- and that is a great return! Tip: You’ve got your Rooster kit on and a great shot for the gram?! Upload and tag and we will certainly give you a like…and if it’s really great we may even reshare it ourselves!

So if you’re searching for Rooster support and you never knew how to play it, the secrets out! For all sponsorship requests please fill out our form which can be located in our Discover section under ‘Sponsorship’. We look forward to hearing from you!

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