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ThermaFlex™ 1.5mm Top - Unisex (2018)

Product Code: 105315
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Price: £90.00
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The ultimate Neoprene top for all seasons.

Made from ThermaFlex 1.5mm SuperStretch Neoprene for unrestricted movement and superior knock protection.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • Developed by Rooster, ThermaFlex is a close fitting, performance top with amazing insulating properties
  • Provides an additional protective layer from knocks and scrapes around the boat
  • Perfect worn on its own in the Summer, on top of a PolyPro, and super warm in between a PolyPro and a Pro Aquafleece® as an extra insulating layer in Winter
  • Also available in female sizes
Size Chart

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Chest Waist
Junior Small 60-66cm 55-60cm
Junior Large 68-81.5cm 63.5-67cm
X-Small 85-92cm 71-76cm
Small 92-97cm 74-76cm
Medium 97-102cm 79-84cm
Large 102-109cm 87-94cm
X-Large 109-119cm 97-102cm
2X-Large 119-125cm 104-109cm
Size Chest Waist
Junior Small 24-26" 22-24"
Junior Large 28-32" 25-27"
X-Small 33-36" 28-30"
Small 36-38" 29-30"
Medium 38-40" 31-33"
Large 41-43" 34-37"
X-Large 43-46" 38-40"
2X-Large 46-49" 41-43"
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Product Reviews

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  • Kev, Emsworth, 06 March 2020
    I use this top for SUP in the winter. It's amazing. I never overheat when paddling hard or feel cold even after a dunking. Just brilliant
  • arturo, santander, 10 February 2020
    combinated with supertherm long john is perfect for windy and cold sailing spots. it stretchs a lot and it is really warm
  • isaac lines , portland , 06 February 2020
    this top is so good! I sail RSX windsurfing and often wetsuit type tops are way to restrictive for pumping but this is complety fine fits very neatly around anything you have underneath
    and even flexable enough to pull on and off over a boucy aid to keep warm while waiting for races a truly veritile product
  • Graham Sexton, Brentwood, 01 January 2020
    Really comfy and warm top. Great movement when wearing this top.
  • Nicholas Welbourn , Lincoln , 26 November 2019
    My new favourite top to wear :)

    It is very light and flexible for sailing a physical boat like a laser whilst also having the amazing ability to regulate temperature - never too warm and never too cold.

    This top comes with me every time I go sailing as it is so versatile!
  • Peter Hewitt, Hayling island, 08 September 2019
    really comfy and warm, it was easy to get on, I wore it today when racing my Tera
  • Darren Forrest, Shetland, 11 June 2019
    Fantastic addition to your sailing kit, I love my top I bought and use it regularly.
  • Terry Fellowes, Aldeburgh, 27 May 2019
    Used this for racing in my Aero 7 first proper race ended in several swims but this super thin and stretchy top kept me warm, its so flexible and doesn't seem to make you hot when the suns out, just brilliant, just ordered the long johns to go with it.
  • Arielle Darrow, Norfolk, VA USA, 06 May 2019
    Goes great with the supertherm wetsuit. Excellent top for keeping you warm on those cold weather/water days. Not too thick either to keep you from moving around on the boat.
  • Theo Galyer, Hayling Island, 16 October 2018
    I use this alongside the longjohn in windier/wetter days in the summer/early autumn it is great for manoeuvrability and warmth. I would only swap from this to a steamer when water temp starts to drop and wind chill becomes an issue.
  • Malachy, Oxford WOSC, 12 March 2018
    from the second it came outlook the packaging i know it would be brilliant. i am so excited to test it with team racing this coming weekend
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall, 24 October 2016
    A top which offers unrestricted movement and is comfortable to wear both on top & in the water. Can be worn all year too which is another bonus.
  • Jack, Whiteley, 18 October 2016
    Great top. Excellent for layering. It really keeps you cool in the sun and warm in the cold. I am 6'4" and have the XL size and it's a really good fit. Great in combination with the Longjohn and polypro top when it gets cold.
  • Jenny Elliott, Glos., 14 October 2016
    This is my favourite piece of special sailing wear. It is comfortable and warm. I wear it over a thin top, in temperatures inbetween cold and hot, when you might wear a boiler wetsuit or a cotton shirt instead. Brand new, it had a very strong smell but this soon disappeared. There is a white Rooster logo most of the way up the right arm, which is a bit loud, but the garment is extremely useful.
  • Jonathan Leake, London, 21 May 2015
    I've just bought two of these, one L and one XL. Why two? The large is my size but I have longish arms - and the sleeves on the L top were just too short. So I ordered the XL expecting it to be bigger all round - but it isn't. The arms are the same length - ie too short. And they are fatter - so the water would get in. That's dumb because XL doesn't always mean fat! It often means taller - including longer arms. So for people with normal length arms this is probably a great top - it looks well made and it's thicker than I expected. I can imagine it's great to use. But for those blessed with long limbs it might not be quite right.
  • Richard Ashwell, Tring, 10 December 2012
    This is a very good use of the materials to great a superb bit of kit. My only complaint is that the top is a bit short for me to wear with board shorts (which is nice on the slightly cooler summer days) as I am 6'1"" but slim so bought the large to ensure a snug fit. It isn't a problem when wearing hikers though. Teamed in layering system it does a really good job.
  • Graeme Oliver, St Marys Island, 02 March 2011
    Bought this to finish off the end of 2009 season and into the winter on my Musto Skiff, the top is first class, unbelievably warm but with the flexability better than wearing a full armed wetsuit. I used it with a longjohn wetsuit and it makes a great setup. I've used similar tops over the years on a variety of different boats but this is by far the best and most durable one I've come across.
  • Geoffrey Brown, Hexham, 24 January 2009
    Also brilliant for snorkeling; good warmth and uv protection.
  • mathew parsons, penparc, 19 July 2008
    this thing is bleeding fantastic!! i think i may have tested it today beond its initial design purpose. when you hit the water i think it is suposed to keep you warm while you are in the water whilst righting the boat. today however i was in the water much longer than that! it was very windy but very sunny too so i wore this top and an aquafleece. the idea was that the therma flex would keep me cool byt the aquafleece would keep out the wind and stop me getting too cold. anyway the sail became a rescue situation so whilst my crew member went to the rescue i had to hold the boat in chest high water. (fortunatley we are cursed with a sand bank in the estuary) sometimes its handy sometimes its a pain. anyway the sand's irelevant to the top so i'll get back to it. so i had to stand in the water for a long time and to be fair it did indeed keep me warm, towards the end it did start to get a bit chilly but to be fair its very warm for its thickness. had i worn just an normal rash vest i'd have been very cold but also had i worn a hot top or something else desined for thermal insulation i would have overheated during dry sailing (well dry as in just damp from spray) which the aquafleece took care of. this top works well with the aquafleece as you have wind and spray protction and then the cooling effect of the top and the protection from the neoprene when you go swimming. i dont think it was made to go with the aquafleece but this is a typical british summer so they go together exelent. well done to the bright spark that made this top as its arguably the best idea out there!! is it worth the asking price? well ive never been so warm and cool at the same time! does that sound worth it?
  • Giles Lloyd Williams 4587, Lymington, 06 July 2008
    I wear my thermaflex top all the time in the summer, It really does what it says by keeping you cold when it is dry but as soon as it gets wet the thermaflex keeps you toasty warm. Although it is a lot of money it is defiantly worth it.
  • Douglas Conway, St. Neots, 25 April 2008
    This product still amazes me, even though I've been wearing it for over 18 months. At first i was a little dubious when Steve told me that it would keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but i can totally agree with him now. During the summer i wore a thermaflex and hikers and was fine. I never overheated even in temps of upto 30 degrees C. It was almost strange being out in the heat and not sweating buckets like i use to in a normal rash vest. I also wore a Thermaflex and Polypro all winter, and only opting to throw a spray top over the top and subsequently regretting it. The thermaflex keeps the majority of the wind out as well as the water, except when it goes down your neck. I wore this combo on the north sea at Newcastle over Christmas in winds of upto 25 knots and was still fine. The thermaflex is a great piece of clothing, possibly the best technical garment rooster has to offer, and it will always keep your body core at the ideal temperature.
  • Martin Lea, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester, 08 June 2007
    I find the Rooster layering approach really works and my favourite bit of kit is the Therma Flex top. If it's cold I wear it over a thermal rash vest and my Race Skin and I reduce layers as it gets warmer, so in summer I wear it on its own with hikers. I don't overheat with it, yet it's warm enough when I go swimming. I've also combined it with a short arm wet suit to extend it's use into December. Ultimate flexibility and it looks good too.