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ThermaFlex™ 1.5mm LongJohn (2018)

Product Code: 106250
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Price: £130.00
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The Rooster® ThermaFlex 1.5mm Longjohn; unsurpassed versatility.

Pair it with a ThermaFlex 1.5mm Top in warmer climes; add PolyPro beneath for a heat boost or use as a winterising layer when it's cold. Perfect with or without ProHike pads, this Longjohn should be in your kit bag!

When used with the Rooster® ProHike Pads experience the ultimate in hiking support or when worn alone make use of the unrestrictive fit and superior knock protection.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • 1.5mm / 4-way SuperStretch Neoprene: For unrestricted movement and superior knock protection.
  • Soft Inner Plush Lining
  • Comfortable & unrestrictive; designed with tailored fit suitable for both trapeze & hiking crews.
  • Asymmetric Velcro shoulder entry
  • Integral/concealed relief flap
  • Duratex II wear resistant knee and seat patches
  • ProHike Pad Compatible
Size Chart

To use the size chart, find a size that best fits your inside leg, chest and waist measurements. If you can't match all three of these criteria, please take into account your body shape and choose the closest match.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Inside Leg Chest Waist
Junior Small 59.5-63.5cm 60-66cm 55-60cm
Junior Large 64.5-67cm 68-81.5cm 63.5-67cm
X-Small 69.5cm 85-92cm 71-76cm
Small 72.5cm 92-97cm 74-76cm
Medium 75cm 97-102cm 79-84cm
Large 77.5cm 102-109cm 87-94cm
X-Large 80cm 109-119cm 97-102cm
2X-Large 81.5cm 119-125cm 104-109cm
Size Inside Leg Chest Waist
Junior Small 23.5-25" 24-26" 22-24"
Junior Large 25.5-27" 28-32" 25-27"
X-Small 27.5" 33-36" 28-30"
Small 28.5" 36-38" 29-30"
Medium 29.5" 38-40" 31-33"
Large 30.5" 41-43" 34-37"
X-Large 31.5" 43-46" 38-40"
2X-Large 32" 46-49" 41-43"
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Product Reviews

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  • Paul Service, Brighton, 01 September 2020
    I was in two minds if I should be a new wetsuit specific to sailing (I had an old Kayaking one).... but I'm thrilled with this and all the other gear I've got myself setup with from Rooster!
  • Toby Bloomfield , Abbotskerswell , 18 February 2020
    Superb piece of kit to have for the summer months, I pair it with a polypro base layer and these long johns give me all the agility and flexibility needed to crew a 29er, windsurf and surf. A must have for summer months
  • Jonathan Ashworth, Portland, 06 February 2020
    Top-notch racing long john, Have used for both windsurfing and sailing, combined with any of the tops on roosters range ensures mobility and warmth
  • Joe, Cumbria, 05 September 2019
    By a long way this is the best sailing wetsuit I've owned and the piece of kit I use the most. It's extremely versatile, I swap-out my top layer to suit the conditions from as little as a rash vest up to a full set of PolyPro/ThermaFlex/AquaFleece layers; it works with anything. The neoprene is comfortable, stretchy and light making it easy to move around the boat without feeling any restriction. It has strong reinforcement on the knees and bum which is making mine last really well and gives me just the right amount of padding in the boat. A brilliant wetsuit, I'll most definitely buying another when it (eventually!) needs replacing.
  • Arielle Darrow, Norfolk, VA USA, 06 May 2019
    My new favorite wet suit! Way better than the Zhik equivalent. Super comfortable and can layer with the poly pro top and leggings for a little extra warmth on those extremely cooler days. Great fit and amazing quality as well.
  • Dave Smith, Liverpool, 30 April 2019
    I have been a fan of Rooster clothing for many years. My new Thermaflex Longjohn did not disappoint. Easy to put on and very comfortable yet warm to wear
  • Nick Welbourn , Lincoln , 18 July 2018
    I always look forward to the end of winter each year so that I can bring out my termaflex. It’s super stretchy, comfortable and easy to put on. It accommodates hiking pads really easily and also dries far quicker than any other wetsuit I’ve tried. It’s a must have!
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall, 24 October 2016
    A great LongJohn which is perfect for the lighter wind days in the summer. A must have for any fair weather sailors.
  • Jack, Whiteley, 18 October 2016
    I had been looking for a suit like this for a long time - such a good fit and quality. It's fantastic! Simply a must buy.
  • Graham Williamson, Farnham, 27 August 2013
    Just completed 5 beautifully warm days at Fed Week wearing my new Thermaflex Longjohn. Great fit, not bulky, didn't overheat, no bruises from crashing about the boat.. just right.. Well happy!
  • Ben FALAT, Lowestoft, 18 June 2013
    My title says it all ! I received my new ThermaFlex Longies yesterday, so having tried them on for size, I just had to go out for a glorious test-sail today. Size: I'm a quite chunky Phantom sailor (95Kg, 5ft10in, 37-waist, 44-chest) and my thighs are of the ""Rugby-player"" variety (64cm circunference), rather than the skinny ""Footballer"" type; I was a bit concerned about sizing since in general I had to go for ""L"", while the thighs probably verge on needing a gusset, however I'm glad that I stuck with ""L"". Quality: The material (which I recognise from my trusty ThermaFlex top is very stretchy and therefore I reckon that erring on a slightly smaller size if 'in-between' is the way to go. High quality finish and good stitching will cope well with stretch. The asymmetric entry is closed very positively with a 2-sided velcro strip that again adds quality by covering any harsh hook-surface from both inside and out. Hikers: If it's windier and I need to wear pads I'll be wearing my hikers over the top of the Longies; while the Longies are designed to take pads inside, my fat-thighs say to do this otherwise. Additionally the torso-wetsuit effect of the hikers will add warmth when there's a wind-chill. The soft inner pads for accepting Hikers' velcro also goes around the knees and inside of the pee-hole for additional comfort; nope, I haven't tested for peeing yet! Overview: I also trapeze, so I'm really looking forward to using my Longies under a Harness. Fireball 2014-Worlds will be in Thailand and I reckon these Longies will perform as the perfect combination for sun and wind-chill protection, also ensuring not overheating; nevertheless I'd have a ThermaFlex Top in reserve (behind a buoyancy hatch).