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SuperTherm® 4mm LongJohn (2017)

Product Code: 106251
Alternative Image SuperTherm® 4mm LongJohn (2017)
SuperTherm® 4mm LongJohn (2017)Alternative Image 1Alternative Image 2Alternative Image 3
Price: £150.00
SuperTherm® 4mm LongJohn (2017)
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Feeling cold? Get SuperTherm® - Rooster® SuperTherm® is thoroughly tested cold weather dinghy kit that is warm, comfortable & unrestrictive; designed with tailored fit suitable for both trapeze & hiking crews.

4mm SuperTherm® neoprene longjohn with a comfortable/soft lining for extreme warmth. The panels have been designed with slight differences in thicknesses throughout for added comfort and manoeuvrability. Silicon prints on the inside of the legs enable grip to the ankles, with the capability to be cut to length for the shorter people! Duratex IITM at knees/shin and seat part with capability to add ProHikeTM pads into the seat part. Wear in combination with the Supertherm® Top for the ultimate winter outfit!
Can be used with the Rooster® ProHikeTM Pads for the ultimate hiking support experience or worn alone making use of the unrestrictive fit and superior knock protection.

The SuperTherm® Top & Long-John from Rooster® Sailing: Never use a dry suit again.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • 4mm / 4-way SuperStretch Neoprene: glued and blind stitched to prevent cold water flushing
  • Inner thermal brushed fleece quick dry lining
  • Unrestrictive fit and flex
  • Asymmetric Velcro shoulder entry
  • Anti-flush silicone ankle rings
  • Duratex II wear resistant knees
  • Seam free Duratex II seat panel
  • ProHike Pad Compatible
  • Suitable for use with RaceArmour Lite Shorts
Size Chart

To use the size chart, find a size that best fits your height, chest and waist measurements. If you can't match all three of these criteria, please take into account your body shape and choose the closest match.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Height Chest Waist
Junior Small 141cm 71-76cm  
Junior Large 153cm 76-85cm  
X-Small 158-163cm 85-92cm 71-76cm
Small 163-170cm 92-97cm 74-76cm
Medium 170-178cm 97-102cm 79-84cm
Large 178-186cm 102-109cm 87-94cm
X-Large 186-188cm 109-119cm 97-102cm
2X-Large 188-191cm 119-125cm 104-109cm
Size Height Chest Waist
Junior Small 4'7" 28-30"  
Junior Large 5' 30-33"  
X-Small 5'2"-5'4" 33-36" 28-30"
Small 5'4"-5'7" 36-38" 29-30"
Medium 5'7"-5'10" 38-40" 31-33"
Large 5'10"-6'1" 41-43" 34-37"
X-Large 6'1"-6'2" 43-46" 38-40"
2X-Large 6'2"-6'3" 46-49" 41-43"
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Product Reviews

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  • Robin Berner, Helsinki, 15 April 2018
    Super comfortable to wear and keeps you warm even in super cold conditions!
  • Tiegan, Ceredigion, 08 April 2018
    Most comfortable wetsuit I've ever worn. Brilliant manoeuvrability for trapezing on my 420 but still toasty warm with the Supertherm top over winter. Looking forward to using it just with a rash vest for the summer.
  • Mark Smith (Rooster Ambassador), Ipswich, 26 February 2018
    Just a good as the old SuperTherms but improved, what is not to like. SuperTherms really are the best way to keep warm during waterspouts in the winter. urs get used for dinghy racing and for white water paddling (for which they really are excellent).
  • Giovanni Fei, Lake Como, Italy, 14 November 2016
    Incredibly warm and comfortable (even when hoisting/dropping the kite), Although it is a bit tricky to get into. Absolute must have for winter sailing.
  • G Owen, Wirral Merseyside, 07 November 2016
    Cool in warm weather and good to layer up in cold weather
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall, 24 October 2016
    My most used piece of Rooster Kit. The perfect all round suit for the entire season. With a polypro top in the summer, thermaflex top in the spring/autumn and a supertherm top in the winter. Great addition to any kit bag.
  • Antonio Dionisio, Telford, 14 October 2016
    Fantastic even in winter with the lake frozen it keeps you warm.
  • Jennie Clark, York, 10 April 2016
    My daughter has loved the previous model of this suit but finds the new version even warmer. The material is just slightly thicker and the cut slightly different but it is still just as warm, if not warmer, and stretchy as the previous one. Another series of winter coaching survived despite some horrific weather!
  • Jennie King, Plymouth, 18 July 2015
    Bought the super therm one piece to upgrade the Rooster hikers into winter sailing kit as not a big fan of the dry suit. As usual Steve and the team have brought us another excellent piece of kit. It's comfortable, padded and protected in the right places, and hardly feels wet inside after wading out waist height. I went for a size up Med as I felt small was a bit cosy to struggle into without a zip. I'm 165cm and 59kg. I've been wearing this a lot during the summer on windy days in Laser and Merlin with ProAqua fleece. 5 stars.
  • Brian Jones, Maidenhead, 10 January 2015
    Having frozen at the Oxford Blue I hurriedly ordered some new gear for the Bloody Mary, really glad I did as we went swimming a few times along with many of the other competitors and stayed pretty warm despite the atrocious conditions. Excellent product, fits like a glove.
  • Jennie Clark, YORK, 25 November 2014
    I bought these, and the matching top, for my 13 year old daughter. She's absolutely delighted with the fit - she's a fairly slim build and I was worried that they might be baggy on her but they are just right. She tells me they are 'ever so stretchy and comfy' and we look forward to getting them well used over the winter months!
  • Charlie South, Chichester, 11 November 2013
    I wore my Rooster SuperTherm LongJohn and Top for the first time this weekend. The weather outside was frightful, but the suit was so delightful since the coach said we had to go sailing, I said let it blow let blow let blow.... Toasty & Warm all weekend!
  • Kevin Boyce, St Helens, 06 May 2013
    I bought supertherm longjohn and supertherm top as I could not find any dry suit to fit. Very impressed over last 3 weekends on a cold and windy Ullswater, I have had a couple of dips and stayed very warm all day. I had polypro top on underneath as recommended. The rooster layering system is pretty well explained on the helpful videos. I will find out, when it becomes too warm to wear, but they do what its says on label. Super!!
  • Mark Riddington, Emsworth, 18 April 2013
    I was fortunate enough to get some of the first batch of SuperTherm gear, and its now my standard kit for sailing. I've used it 20 times in the past 6 weeks, and never been cold despite some cold and windy UK weather. One point I thought I'd make is that the kit makes for excellent windsurfing clothing. Until now I've used a 4/5mm steamer for windsurfing in winter/spring, but happened to have the SuperTherm (and PolyPro base layers) in the van and thought I'd give it a trial. Stayed nicely warm and flexible despite a fair few dunkings, and now it is my default kit. So if you are into multiple watersports, consider this kit as relevant to more than sailing, it has been for me. Mark R (Team Rooster)
  • Sophie Ormsby, Hook, 10 April 2013
    As a new member of Team Rooster (check out our blog, George and Sophie, RS200 and Firefly Team Racing) I have been fortunate enough to try out a wide range of the amazing Rooster kit. Having always avoided long wetsuits, on Steve's reccommendation I decided to try the SuperTherm LongJohn and I am very glad I did! The hiking pads attach very easily and it is also easy to get on. Once on, the myth that I had of long wetsuits being restrictive completely vanished. This is so warm whilst still feeling thin and I could move freely. The curved hiking pads stayed in place and I was warm and cosy throughout a very cold days sailing. I wore this with the PolyPro Top and was very able to move freely and remain warm. Although I was not in the boat when this happened (!), George went for a swim in his LongJohn and has assured me that he remained very warm throughout! An essential piece of kit for any dinghy sailor.
  • George Yeoman, Guildford, 02 April 2013
    I have used a fair few different hikers, however the Supertherm was light, warm, comfortable and most importantly the pads stayed in one place!! The Velcro system used to hold the pads in one place means that I could put them wherever I wanted and they did not budge! Needless to say the name gives away the thermal quality of the longjohn!
  • jane barr, lee on solent, 28 March 2013
    didnt expect that- bitterly cold Laser training Weymouth 23-24 Mar, air temp 3-4 degrees, plus 18-23knots big evil wind chill- the guys in the rooster shop told me not to wear my race skins/ hot top & all my other usual layers, just polypro's underneath Supertherms - i was slightly nervous of leaving most of my kit ashore, especially in these conditions, but did as instructed - so just polypro legs & top, plus Supertherm Longjohn & Supertherm Top, Aquafleece Pro & was warm, even on the shoreside after the training, you know when the wind chill really cuts through when you're packing away - Brilliant technical clothing - thanks guys