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Stormsure StormForm 70g

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Stormform is a multi-purpose, reusable product which contains very tough plastic polymorph pellets which turn into a squishy and mouldable substance when heated up. This enables you to create repairs and replacements to plastic and metal parts as well as mould grips, handles, decorations, brackets, connections and much, much more. The product is very strong and can be painted to match its surroundings. Biodegradable and non-toxic!

Add required amount of Stormform granules to a glass of hot water. The granules will turn clear and malleable. Use fingers or tools to form the required shape. Allow the substance 15-20 minutes to harden.

The hardened plastic can be sawed and drilled. Re-heat and reuse hundreds of times.

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  • Erik Meijer, Nieupoort, Belgium, 18 March 2019
    This is a VERY useful product. I have repaired or replaced several plastic items and made good ball ends for sheets too. So easy to use.