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Selden D14-C074-0716 Solo Mast - Sleeved D+ - Ex Rigging Pack

Product Code: 102658
Solo Selden Mast Sleeved D+ - Ex. Rigging Pack
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In 2007 saw in the introduction of the Seldén D+  This developed as a mast that could offer similar characteristics to the existing Cumulus mast being used that the time, but the new D+ was offering a more dynamic response above the hounds.

The D+ has been developed with a front weld taper, allowing for greater sideways response but due to the stiffer section it still maintains the downwind performance associated with the stiffer Cumulus. The D+ is designed for sailors weighing 75-90kg, delivering greater power low down.

A D+ rig will be easier to use in choppy water and gusty conditions where a responsive rig can maximise performance whilst minimising the amount of manual input from the sailor. The D+ mast has been placed 1st since 2010 in the National Championship when Matt Howard won.

"The Selden D+ is a perfect all rounder for the Solo. Providing good gust response and flexibility for the rougher sea states with enough stiffness to maximise pointing in the flatter inland venues." Charlie Cumbley, Multiple Solo National Champion.

The D+ masts are using the new Xtra Proof Strength (XPS) aluminum alloy.


Supplied complete excluding rigging (see related items). NB. This is a collection only product.

Solo Helm Weight v Seldén Mast

Section Sailor Weight Stiffness F/A Stiffness Athwart
C Sleeved <75Kg 14.1 9.8
D Plus 75-90kg 20 13.8
Cumulus >90Kg 20.4 14.4

Mast Properties

Sectional Weight 1.03 kg/m
Dimension - fore/ aft 73 mm
Dimension - athw 57 mm
Stiffness - fore/aft 19.5 cm4
Stiffness - athw 14 cm4

  Selden Solo Data Sheet PDF

Mast foot position

You should have 2 mast foot positions, essentially a light/medium setting and a medium/heavy setting. This measurement is from the front of the mast heel to the outside of the centre of the transom.

Flat water (inland conditions)

0-16 knots – 3052mm

16 knots + – 3065mm

Choppy/rough (sea conditions)

0-12 knots – 3052mm

12 knots + – 3065mm

Forestay tension

More rake is now used where possible, the same principle applies to forestay tension on either mast foot position you use. NB. This is measured without the sail up. When the back of the mast touches the mast gate the forestay should just be in tension.

Selden Dinghy Spars Booklet

  • All masts Xtra Proof Strength (XPS) aluminium alloy
  • CNC plasma cut tapers for ultimate accuracy.
  • Heat treated after tapering increases material hardness.
  • Durable peened finish.
  • Welded in headbox.
  • Front taper increases upwind dynamic response.
  • Gooseneck with stainless steel spigot and positive lock.
  • Optional extended gooseneck.
  • Automatic release of outhaul and boom squares further downwind.
  • Light weight sheaved heel.
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