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Spring Plate for a Laser Self Bailer

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These bailer spring plates are manufactured using the highest quality spring stainless steel, designed to both retract using spring tension, and at the same time providing a surface for the activator to push against to close the chute.

"I was getting fed up of replacing the rubber bands on my self bailer every 4 months as they would perish. Recent changes to the Laser® rules allowed the replacement of the bands by springs. Traditional coiled springs have been known to get tired of closing the bailer after being left open for long periods which then need to be replaced for best effect. This design does not suffer from this problem.

This is a once only solution and works like a dream.

Steve Cockerill, June 2011

NOTE: This spring plate will not work properly with "old" style laser bailers made prior to the current "Nautos" stamped ones. It is a quirk of the tiny changes made to the mouldings when the tooling was re-engineered some 15 years ago, but the two designs look the same, but there are subtle changes. Do not try to fit this spring plate to an "old style" laser bailer, the result will be poor. It is designed for and fits the "nautos" moulding perfectly.(Please see related item made by Holt Laser 1 bailer). See the below image showing the 'Nautos' marking on a typical Laser bailer.

A typical Laser bailer showing the 'Nautos' marking.


Image shows complete bailer not supplied. Only one spring supplied. Bailer not included.

Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Rooster Sailing Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

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Product Reviews

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  • Dave Buffham, 14 October 2016
    Excellent piece of kit, revolutionises the self bailer and eradicates the yearly perishing of the old bands system.
  • Fiona Chamberlain, Calne, 04 September 2014
    Easy to fit; well once you have watched the video several times over while doing it! Feels very positive, and no leakage around closed bailer during sailing. Obviously will last much longer than the rubber bands, so will save repeatedly removing bailer and replacing them. Would recommend.
  • Roy Benbow, Bradley Alresford, 08 May 2012
    This spring is so much better than the rubber band things. Had it for a year of hard sailing and it works every time. Bailer closes so snug that the bung is never needed. No Laser should be without one.