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Solo MXL Mainsail

Product Code: 105060
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The Rooster Solo MXL Advanced Loadpath Sail in 23 micron mylar and 4000 denier per sq inch polyester thread for a D+.

This sail performs well on a Zeta and front tapered Cumulus - as long as the sailor has the right mast for their weight. 



Q. Do you have a tuning guide for this sall?
A. Yes! You can read it on our blog: Rooster MXL Loadpath Solo Sail Set Up Guide

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  • Tim Deacon, Headley Down, 23 February 2015
    The Rooster Loadpath is an interesting sail development and has definitely boosted my boatspeed. It sets very fair, and responds in a very controllable manner. Very responsive to kicker tension, yet the leech is not over tight and does not stall even downwind in light air. One can keep the leech nicely parallel to the C/L upwind and when over powered it lets the force of gusts go without the boat staggering. Whilst it is very new to me, and I have yet to learn every ultra fine tuning niche this sail holds, it is easy to get a good setting very fast. Undoubtably the best sail I've ever had on a Solo, and I have had well over a dozen. I have tried it on a D+ and modified Kappa with success. At last something that works with the mast bend characteristics I have felt suited the Solo as a boat. For the record my weight is around 82.5Kg. A nice touch in the construction is the wide dacron leech tape which definitely gives a robustness to the light construction. Welcome too are the substantial head and clew reinforcing patches spreading the loadings very evenly. One word of warning, it is a noisy sail when you tack! you certainly won't do it silently, but this is a small price to pay for the extra speed.
  • Jonathan Moon, Eastleigh, 01 May 2014
    What a great sail. I have just taken delivery of an MXL which I have paired with a Zeta mast (also from Rooster). The sail is very responsive and easy to read - not to mention powerful. It has transformed the boats performance. I highly recommend both the MXL and Zeta. Come and see it at the Chichester open and Southern Champs. As usual the advice Steve gave was fantastic.