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RaceArmour™ LITE (2017 Version)

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Building on the success of the Rooster DS Layering System, ROOSTER introduce the RaceArmour Concept.

RaceArmour LITE: Featuring dual-layer contoured neoprene padding with durable armoured exterior and 410gsm Spandex front panels ; whether you sail in Rochdale or Rhode Island, we have you covered. Wear them on their own in warmer climes for extended hours on the water, with Rooster ProHike Pads to hike harder for longer, or as a perfect partner when worn over an existing neoprene garment.

"For winter hiking support and protection against an abrasive hull, we love our RaceArmour Lite Shorts with ProHike Pads worn over the top of a SuperTherm® Long John. I can see me wearing them over a ThermaFlex LJ in the UK summer - and at Garda in light airs, perhaps on their own."

Steve Cockerill

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

Size Chart

The size table should be used as a guide only. These shorts are designed to be worn with a compression fit. For a recreational fit or for use over another garment you might like to consider taking a size larger.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Size Waist
Junior Small 55cm - 61cm 22" - 24"
Junior Large 61cm - 70cm 24" - 28"
X-Small 70cm - 75cm 28" - 30"
Small 75cm - 81cm 30" - 32"
Medium 81cm - 86cm 32" - 34"
Large 86cm - 92cm 34" - 36"
X-Large 92cm - 96cm 36" - 38"
2X-Large 96cm - 100cm 38" - 40"
3X-Large 100cm - 107cm 40" - 42"
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Product Reviews

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  • Ivan Holjar, Southend on Sea, 28 April 2017
    Hi Rooster Sailing Nice piece of Rooster kit to have in spring/summer time. Kind regards and Sail On!!!! Ivan
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall, 24 October 2016
    The best hiking solution. Simply attach your hiking pads on the inside and leave them there. The stay locked in which enables you to easily slip them on & off over the top of your wetsuit/longjohn. Change your mid layer at lunch time for something warmer and you have no worries about your hiking pads - the best thing about hiking shorts.
  • Holly Jones, 17 October 2016
    I've always preferred to use shorts with hiking pads, rather than using 3/4 hikers, as they don't have to be worn on the outside. This gives greater flexibility as you don't have to worry about your choice of layers affecting the fit and feel of your hikers. The ability to choose the size of hiking pad and position it where you want also allows you to be flexible about where your leg is supported - rather than making do with fixed batons that have been designed to fit the average sailor - as this can be very uncomfortable, especially if they are placed too low down and impinge the knee. Another advantage of using shorts instead of 3/4 hikers, or even a wetsuit with hike pads, is that it's easier to position the pads in the right place using the cuff of the shorts as a rough guide. Having previously used the neoprene race shorts before (which suited me fine),I have found the race armour lite shorts are a league above. Their construction provides an excellent amount of support and I have found them to be effective as hikers even without the hiking pads in light to mid conditions. The spandex panels at the front feel much thicker than I expected, and provide a good amount of support at the front, keeping the shorts tight and in place. An advantage I found of the spandex over the neoprene is that it doesn't seem to grow much when wet, meaning you can be confident you won't feel your hiking pads starting to slip whilst racing. As well as all the above, the back of the shorts is very durable and provides an excellent amount of grip, particularly in boats with an abrasive surface such as lasers. The only thing I would say, is that I would strongly advise wearing either poly pro legs, or rash leggings underneath as the cuffs of the shorts have a rubber grip on them which stops them riding up or slipping down, but can rub if placed directly on the skin. Overall, a very versatile, supportive, high quality and hard wearing alternative to traditional hikers. Would highly recommend.
  • Rob Paterson, Leeds, 14 October 2016
    Bought a pair of Armour Lite Shorts for my daughter as she was trashing her wet suit whilst helming a 29er. No bruised bum and no shredded kit. They are just outstanding!