Alternative Image Rooster Mast Head Float

Rooster Mast Head Float

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Alternative Image Rooster Mast Head Float
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Rooster Mast Head Float
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This device is designed to reduce the risk of inversion of a small dinghy following a capsize. An ideal aid to use when teaching beginners or learning new skills and build confidence.

It's worth remembering that Masthead floats are not just for beginners! Get the most out of a windy training session with your coach by preventing complete inversion when you capsize. Practicing heavy weather gybes is absolutely essential if you want to stay ahead of your rivals. They will inevitably end in a few swims but with a Rooster Masthead Float you can get back up and sailing with minimal time lost.

Prior to use in open water, the float should be tested with the dinghy it is to be used with to ensure that it provides sufficient buoyancy to prevent inversion. The mast floats performance will be hindered by conditions such as strong tide, wind, swell or incorrect righting procedure.

The Rooster Masthead Float is not guaranteed to stop a boat inverting. They are only effective when fitted correctly, which owners are responsible for

Not to be used as a personal flotation device

Size Chart
  • Approximately 8 litres - 4 litres per tube
  • Dimensions of the float are 91 x 36 cm (approx. 36" x 14") - uninflated
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  • Janie Harford, Dartmouth, 20 May 2019
    Takes a bit of easing up inside the mast halyard slot when you first use it (silicon spray helps) but really does stop those old ‘inversion blues’! Has stayed inflated without needing pumping up for 3 weeks so far.
  • Robert Richards, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 09 May 2019
    helps to avoid embarrassing situations sailing on a shallow lake and getting mast head stuck in mud making recovery difficult without a safety boat help