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ISO Spinnaker Red - No Bag

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The Rooster ISO Spinnaker. Cut to the same size as the Hyde ISO Spinnaker.

Made from 0.9oz Nylon Airx600 with Sailkote silicone and polyurethane finish to prevent water absorption and to aid ease of hoisting/dropping.

Spinnaker Setup Guide

When rigging place a small bobble between the down haul patch and ring. Secure with a figure of eight knot about eight inches away from the patch so when pulling in there is a gap between the two patches. This prevents bunching as the spinnaker goes in the chute.

Place a small bobble on the spinnaker halyard to stop the top knot pulling into the top block.

Hoist the spinnaker and make sure the pole is adjusted to full extension.

Mark the halyard so you know when it fully hoisted. There is no need to drop 6’’ in light airs.

Be careful when dropping as the downhaul patches are quite stiff to start with and the mouth of the ISO chute is small. Make sure you are heading down wind and the spinnaker is flying out the front so it enters into the bag correctly (the patches will soon soften).

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