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ProHike™ Pads (PAIR)

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Rooster ProHike™ Pads are suitable for use with our Longjohns, RaceArmour™ Shorts (including LITE) and the Rooster Pro Hikers.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

Size Chart

Please use the following guide to help you choose the correct Pad size.
As a guide, the pad should be as long as possible, however, take care to ensure that the chosen length will not impact either the back of the knee joint or the Glutes.

The table can be scrolled to see the full width.

Size Guide T(mm) B(mm) L(mm)
200 2XS 140 120 200
220 XS 160 140 220
245 S 165 140 245
265 M 165 145 265
270 L 175 155 270
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Product Reviews

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  • Nick Downing , Cornwall , 30 August 2020
    I have tried different pads before in just shorts, but having these in different sizes are genius. I have short thighs, so I bought the 220s and they stay put and fit perfectly in my supertherm longjohns.
  • Malachy Brown, Oxford, 01 July 2020
    Really good hiking pads. The velcro means that they stick to your long john or hikers when you want them to and they are secure but also easy to remove when you want to. Also being quite cheap means that you can move onto longer pads with ease and with minimal extra expense.
  • James Dowrick, Cornwall , 24 October 2016
    Simply the best hiking pads on the market. Being a laser sailor I have tried many over the years. And these pre shaped, stiff pads are just brilliant.
  • Nick Welbourn, Lincoln, 08 October 2016
    These Hiking pads are always in my kit bag whenever I'm going to an event. Having tried a couple of different hiking pads previously these ones finally fit everything that I need: they are velcro-in so you can fit them where you want them to accommodate for your hiking style; they are shaped perfectly and curved to fit your leg which means that you can buy quite a big size to support your whole leg without restricting movement; and finally they can be put inside any Rooster Longjohn or pair of hiking shorts.
  • George Yeoman, Guildford, 02 April 2013
    The best bit about these Rooster pads is that not only does the Velcro system keep them in one place, they are custom length to my requests. Sailing a 200 I have always struggled with other pads whether they have been too long and have dug into the back of my knees, however by being advised by rooster to try the 245 pads (I am 178cm tall) this was not an issue.
  • mathew parsons, penparc, 26 July 2008
    these are probably mentioned under the Pro hikers bit but im going to review that pads as they are. the option of being able to move the pad to where ever you want it is a big advantage. you can adjust them to your hiking ability and not have to keep up with or make do with fixed pads. also the curve in them fit the leg briliantly and makes them very nice to sit on. also they are thick and hardso they keep you both warm and stop the back of the leg hurting.