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Classic Trapeze Harness

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Please note that the spreader bar is shown fitted to the harness for illustrative purposes only and is not included in the basic price of the harness.

The Rooster Trapeze harness has been designed to encompass comfort and adaptability at a price point that puts other harnesses to shame.

The design team pulled on their own experiences as well as other top sailors to refine the design and produce the best possible product.

About the design

There are many different designs of trapeze harness on the market which emphasise just how difficult it is to produce a design that is both comfortable and practical.

We started by analysing the faults of other harnesses; traditionally, to give the user the feeling of support that they desire, the shoulder straps have to be so tight that the body is compressed between the shoulders and crutch to such a point that it is difficult to even walk let alone sail.By taking the main weight bearing strap from just under the arms, we were able to evenly distribute the weight between your back and the legs thus reducing the load on the shoulders. The design is so good that we have even undone the shoulder straps whilst trapezing!. This coupled with the neoprene crotch panel and padded shoulder straps ensure a high degree of comfort.

Value for money

The base price of the harness doesn´t include a spreader bar because the clever design allows you to re-use your existing one (accepts most spreader bars). The fitting of the bar is quick and easy and requires no tools whatsoever.

We can of course supply a spreader bar with your harness or at a later date.

How it works

The support/adjustment straps are laced to form a double triangle of support on each side of the harness, allowing active load distribution during both crouching and flat wiring. The most common lacing set up would be to take the armpit strap to the lower leg buckle forming the outer triangle, and using the other strap to create the inner triangle.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • Ability to re-use your existing spreader bar

  • Ability to place comfort pads exactly where you need them (see related items)

  • Soft neoprene crotch panel for comfort

  • Kevlar reinforced seat panel

  • Straps tidy away inside buckle covers

  • Active load distribution for comfort

Size Chart

Sizes are numerical and may span a number of body sizes.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range of heights.

Waist Height
  1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 1.9m 2.0m
70cm 0 0 - - -
75cm 0 0/1 1 - -
80cm - 1 1/2 - -
85cm - - 2 3 -
90cm - - 3 3/4 -
95cm - - 4 4 -
100cm - - - 4 4
Waist Height
  5'2" 5'4" 5"6" 5'9" 6' 6'6"
28" 0 0 0 - - -
30" 0 0 0/1 - - -
32" - - 1 1/2 2 -
34" - - - 2 2/3 -
36" - - - 3 3/4 -
38" - - - - 4 4
40" - - - - - 4
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Product Reviews

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  • Stuart Jones - 12471, Bracknell, 26 July 2012
    Having held on to my last nappy harness for around fifteen years and reluctant to move on I finally bit the bullet and bought the Rooster harness. As always with change there are things to get used to. First I was dubious about the adjustable lower straps as I don't like things to catch or flap about. These don't as the buckles and strap ends are well tucked away in the neat pockets. Secondly the hook seems to be slightly higher than I was used to, giving an initial different feel. I think it's probably the welcome feeling of having the back fully supported. I also found that when I first put the harness on I was pulling the lower straps on too tight and then doing up the shoulder straps. This causes the backside area to ruck up. The trick is to do the shoulder straps up to snug and then do each set lower straps to snug. This harness doesn't need to be bar tight anywhere which makes it very comfortable about the boat and on shore. Once set the lower straps can be left where they are and the harness just stepped into and pulled up the legs. I also found that the lower straps slipped a bit, probably due to shiney newness, but solved that by feeding the strap ends back through the rear of the buckle to give more friction. Now that I've used this harness since the Dinghy Show I find it provides great support and is very comfortable in all sailing positions. The balance feels good enabling the feet to stay in contact with the boat. A very good harness at a competitive price, I feel.
  • nigel cureton, Deal, 29 June 2012
    We are two longstanding Contender sailors and recently purchased a size3 and size 4 harness. Over the years we have users various makes but these are the best so far , great support , hook position and ability to use own spreader bar big advantage. Lot of thought and design has gone in producing this harness . Great bit of kit !! .
  • Andrew Miles, Ipswich, 21 April 2012
    I've now used mine a few times since I purchased it at the dinghy show and it is excellent. Very comfortable! The most important bit for me is compared to all the other harnesses I've tried, this one supports my back very well. Where I used to be rather sore after coming in off the water, I'm now fine. Only slight gripe is the bottom straps seem to loosen off slightly during use, may just be me wriggling about too much... Andrew