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Rooster 8.1 Sail including Battens

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The Rooster 8.1, designed and manufactured by Rooster Sailing, that is compatible with a standard Laser® hull. Together they form a new class of boat called the Rooster 8.1 which currently has a RYA handicap (2019) of 1051.

This rig delivers an amazing performance that would suit anyone over 90Kg.

The Rooster 8.1 sail is constructed with long life and performance in mind. In addition to 4oz Dacron cloth in the main body, the leech is constructed of Mylar, as this is where the highest loads occur. This means that permanent leech stretch isreduced to almost zero. Leech flutter in between battens is eliminated. The Bi-radial construction contributes to increased cloth stability and so makingthe sail easier to control its power. The large window also helps with visibility when racing. Mainsheet loads are slightly less than the Standard rig, and vang loads are slightly higher. The rig is more like a Jaguar than a Porche, which means you get a steady power delivery upwind. Its downwind performance is amazing once you are past the beam and planing is easy in most conditions. Rudder loads are reduced too.


The Rooster 8.1 is compatible with Laser® but is not an original Laser® Product. It is a Rooster Sailing Product!

Purchase of a Rooster8.1 Sail includes battens (NOTE: Batten colour may vary & are a non-tapered construction). Lower Mast sections can be self made if they conform to the Rooster 8.1 class measurement diagram.

Please note that you will need a suitable mast extender to fit a Standard Lower Mast to use this sail.

Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Rooster Sailing Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

There are currently no FAQs for this product. If you require more information please feel free to Contact Us or browse our online Hints & Tips.

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  • Mike Pasco, GULF HARBOUR, 06 July 2007
    The Rooster 8.1 is amazing. I went out in a Gale Warning. I started with no wind and rain. I could still sail like this and was quite excited as I knew I should really just be wallowing around. As the Front came through I was planning in Flat Water. The only disturbance on the water was the Laser Planning. I can see it is going to be a great rig to use on those light wind days and great for training as I was fully hiking in about 8 knots (I am 75kg). As the wind built is was easy to de-power and keep going as it got over 20 knots I was sailing on the Mylar Leech alone and decided to come in. It got up to 35 knots but I was in flat water and reaching home, although retrieving the boat with no assistance to get the launching trailer was interesting!