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RYA G53 Laser Handbook - Paul Goodison

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A new long awaited addition to the best selling RYA Racing series. RYA Laser Handbook is the most up-to-date book on this very popular class. Lots of colour photographs and illustrations make the book a must for anyone interested in Lasers. Detailed chapters on maneuvering, upwind and downwind technique, care and maintenance, body weight and nutrition and sailing theory.

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  • Simon Holroyd, Staines, 22 November 2011
    I really like this book and refer to it very often. But it's not very well organised - the chapters jump around and don't follow a logical sequence. For example, there's a chapter on basic manoeuvres then one on racing manoeuvres but before the one on saiing theory - why jump to racing before you've mastered the basics and got to grip with the core concepts? Then there's one on upwind sailing and one on downwind sailing, and another on sailing on a reach - but squeezed in amongst them is a chapter on hiking techniques - why there? And why does the chapter which describes the different types of rigs not come at the start with the chapters on rigging? It's all a bit of a jumble which makes it much harder to understand for someone new to Laser sailing - I had to read it a number of times before I could figure it out. My copy also has lots of typos, extraneous words and half sentences which suggests that the version which went to print either wasn't proofread or wasn't the final version.