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JUNIOR 3/4 Classic Hiking Shorts 4/3mm

Product Code: 106626
JUNIOR 3/4 Classic Hiking Shorts 4/3mm
Alternative Image JUNIOR 3/4 Classic Hiking Shorts 4/3mm
Price: £100.00
JUNIOR 3/4 Classic Hiking Shorts 4/3mm
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The Classic Hiking Shorts have had an all-round redesign to improve both comfort and performance, whilst still maintaining the iconic classic hiking shorts styling. We've improved the panel layout for an optimised fit adding comfort to the upper back and over the shoulders with its racer back shape, meaning that you no longer need to cross the straps over. We've also added small improvements to the internal construction of the battens to increase their durability, allowing you to hike harder for longer!

We've kept the 3D knee design to ensure that the comfortable fit is still maintained for all leg sizes.

Pair with Polypro leggings underneath for a heat boost on colder days, or with Rash leggings on hot sunny days to protect against UV rays!

Top Tip: If you want to extend the life of your classic hiking shorts even further from abrasive decks and improve grip, get some Wear Protection Shorts to wear over the top!

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • Adjustable shoulder straps (with ladder buckle)
  • Low cut front panel
  • Racer back support
  • Material differentiation throughout to aid in hiking performance
  • Soft elastic binding at waist and leg ends
  • Fixed 10.5" battens
  • 3D knee panel with superstretch neoprene behind knees for added comfort when sailing downwind
  • Duratex IITM seat and knee/shin panels
Size Chart

The size chart is a guide for your particular build, where there is a choice between two sizes it is better to opt for the smaller size as these will give less movement between you and the boat.

Sizes are numerical and may span a number of heights or weights.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range of heights.

Build Height
  1.2m 1.3m 1.4m 1.5m 1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 1.9m >1.9m
Small/ Slim Build 0 0 1 1 2 2/3 2/3 3 3/4
Regular/ Medium Build 0 0 1 2/3 3 3/4 3/4 4 5
Larger Build 1 1 2 3/4 4 5/6 5/6 5/6 6
Build Height
  4' 4'6" 5" 5'3" 5'6" 5'9" 6' 6'3" >6'3"
Small/ Slim Build 0 0 1 1 2 2/3 2/3 3 3/4
Regular/ Medium Build 0 0 1 2/3 3 3/4 3/4 4 5
Larger Build 1 1 2 3/4 4 5/6 5/6 5/6 6
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Product Reviews

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  • Andrew Bell, Dunbar, 17 October 2016
    Very good pair of start out hikers, reasonably priced and comfortable. Unlike more expensive hikers, you cannot remove or adjust the position of the pads, but this brings with it both pros and cons. Altogether comfortable and durable pair of hikers. Very pleased, but removable pads would give 5 stars!
  • paul higson, Reading, 24 September 2014
    laser sailor: good hikers - although I think I bought slightly too big. 6ft 3 and 85Kg I am between sizes - I'd recommend to go small (as rooster says), but I didn't believe that I was a Medium (sizes now seem to be numbers) so went for Large size. They are comfortable off water, but are really slightly too big - my fault. Guess my recommendation would be that they should feel slightly too small when first bought.
  • Will Derries, Duns, 10 February 2014
    I predominantly sail both Laser Radial's and Laser 2000's, along with the occasional Topper or Pico in really heavy winds. I'm 6'3"", and 12 stone. I find the pads to be perfectly positioned, great for Laser's especially, they're also great in the 2000. They are a tad irritating in light winds, the fact you can't remove them, bout other than that, they're amazing.