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Combines the lightness and feel of a surfing slipper with the comfort and support of a stiff rubber hiking boot. The techie bit - the front and back straps lock the heel into the boot, the front strap is well above the hiking strap area, and the back strap is locked into the cup of the heel, avoiding soft tissue damage. The pull from the forward arch position reduces twist and offers secondary support to the over worked ankle joint. Heel stability and ankle support together make this boot a must for those who are pushing the envelope whether they are straight toe hiking or trapezing.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry. TOP TIP: stuff newspaper into the toe to draw the moisture out and prevent smelly boots!

  • Combines the lightness and feel of a surfing slipper with the comfort and support of a stiff rubber hiking boot to form the perfect all round sailing boot
  • The straps lock the heel into the boot for increased stability and reduced twist when hiking or trapezing
  • Durable, flexible sole for increased grip around the boat and protection on stony slipways
Size Chart

The boots are a fairly narrow fit, so if you have a wide foot or intend to wear a wet sock, you might consider going for a slightly larger size - especially if you are close to the next size break.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Boot Size Shoe Size  
  UK Europe USA
37 4 37 5
38 38
39 39
40 6 40
41 7 41
42 8 42 8
43 43 9
44 9 44
45 10 45 10½
46 11 46 11½
47 12 47 12½
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Product Reviews

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  • Malachy B, oxford, 17 February 2018
    brilliant boots but if you beach launch they hold lots of water so it would be wise to empty the boots out if you can but otherwise great boots and i love them
  • Oliver Mason, Birmingham, 28 April 2017
    Good shoes with a decent sole. The velcro straps allow you to fix them tightly without being painful. hiking in a Laser is fine without any pain on the top of the foot, and feels secure.
  • John P, Chester, 14 December 2016
    Top boots. Much more flexible and lighter than dinghy boots I have had in the past. Makes it much easier to get around the boat. I wear these in conjunction with a pair of Rooster neoprene wet socks. Have had toastie toes all the way through the recent Frostbite series. Also I don't seem to be flooding the changing room anymore when I take them off. Definitely no complaints, only 4 star though as am having a few issues with the heal strap which keeps getting caught and coming off, could do with a velcro lock like you have on your gloves. Otherwise brilliant!!!!!
  • Luke McGrath , Cork, 26 October 2016
    Great hiking boots! Cheap and durable but doesn't keep feet warm during winter
  • Ian, Somerset, 18 October 2016
    I love these boots, they are a more flexible alternative to full height dinghy boots. I use them for trapezing when crewing on the RS500.
  • Adrian Kerr, Bath, 18 October 2016
    As soon as I wear a pair of these out I just go back to Rooster and order a new pair - miles better than any other boot.
  • Davve Warnock, Leicester, 14 October 2016
    Only had these for a few weeks but used for hiking and trapezing on a Dart 15. Worn alone and over a drysuit. Always feels secure when sailing and when dragging boat up and down slipways. Comfortable and warm while sailing and during launch and recovery.
  • 28 July 2016
    The perfect hiking boots for laser sailing!
  • Roger Pratt, Kenilworth, 11 June 2013
    This boot offers great feel in the boat and are sensibly priced. Like all light boots, the sole is not going to last as long as an 'army boot' in 5mm neoprene. You have to accept this, BUT the straps are FLIMSY! Mine broke (top straps), completely on one side, long before the sole wore out. Probably will not buy another pair for this reason. Pity.
  • Thomas Hague, Sheffield, 25 September 2012
    These are great for hiking, comfy, warm and supportive. Overall a good design. However the sole has wore out very fast, there's no tred left whatsoever, and one of the velcro straps has come off - not very well sewn on. I have had them for a couple of years, BUT have had very light use (once a month on average), and would expect them to last me twice as long as they have. But, if you can justify that, then I would otherwise recommend them.
  • johnny whelan, dungarvan Co waterford, 16 July 2008
    A very comfortable ,warm,and supportive boot, best with wet socks also for extra comfort
  • Giles Lloyd Williams 4587, Lymington, 06 July 2008
    These boots are brilliant; they give you the support and protection for hiking while still being flexible and supple enough to feel the boat through the soles. I wear these boots all year round and thing work very well. For the colder months combine them with the wet socks for toasty feet in close to zero temperatures.
  • Roch Jerome, Nantes, 22 June 2008
    Ces botillons sont plus légers que ce que l'on trouve ailleurs, mais le maintien de la cheville est mieux assuré. D'ailleurs, pourquoi acheter des botillons qui montent sous le mollet, alors que le bas de la cheville suffit largement ??? Le ""grip"" de la semelle est par ailleurs bien meilleur que sur tous les botillons que j'ai acheté précédemment. Bref, du bon matos !
  • Gary Langdown, Highcliffe Christchurch, 14 May 2008
    These boots are comfortable and warm, however my pair lasted less than a season without heavy use. The grip on the sole wore out, definately not suitable for a trapeze boat unless you are prepared to buy 2 pairs per year.
  • Ingo Schmitt, Neukirchen-Vluyn, 09 December 2007
    The first shoes I ever used for sailing with worm feet guarantee.
  • Barry Arnold, Macclesfield, 17 March 2007
    never had a pair of sailing boots that keep your feet so warm. only good when wearing the wet socks aswel though. really comfortable for hiking in too.
  • James Phare, Torquay, 10 January 2007
    Have just bought a new pair of them - these boots are absolutely brilliant. Bought my first pair in 2004 and have been using them pretty much every weekend since! Have just ordered another pair (January 2007) only because the grip has started to slightly go on a few points of the sole....apart from that they are still good as new 2 half years later.....the durability is amazing..... Very comfortable and supporting too......
  • Fiona Flanigan, Dublin, 17 December 2006
    bit clumpy at the start and take a while to get used to but the end result is class,warm comfy and they mould around your feet
  • Poppy Maxwell, Oxford, 10 November 2006
    great boots, they keep my feet warm are comfy and have good grip! an excellent buy!
  • Anonymous, Anonymous, 05 November 2006
    I get very cold feet winter sailing, but not now! The wet socks make a huge difference to comfort and heat and the hiking boots have a great fit. Having a short boot with no zip is much comfier and the fit is supportive and grippy. They look pretty good too. My old boots are now in the bin (I won't name the brand)!
  • Alan Hopcraft, Nottingham, 09 August 2006
    I've had these a while and they are a great hiking boot. The fit is firm and secure without being constricting. Once you've tightened the straps there is no way they are going to come off unless your foot goes with them. Warm enough on most days but if you do need wet-socks heed the warning about getting a bigger size. They really are snug. I would have taken half a star off if I could as they could be a bit gripper on the slipway. But this is pretty minor and they are fine on the floor of a Laser.