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Dawn Grey Gelcoat - 75ml

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A 75ml tin of ´Dawn Grey´ Gelcoat Resin for Lasers built prior to the ´99 season. Boats after to this were ´Vella Grey´ (more of a blue grey).

You will need a 2% mix of polyester catalyst to enable the gelcoat to harden (purchased separately) ) - see related items.

Laser Sail Numbers  v Colours

To Sail Number 166000 - Dawn Grey

167000 - Dawn Grey or Vela Grey

168000 - Vela Grey 211300 to present - Ice Blue

This product should be used within 3 months of purchase.

NOTE : Gelcoat and Catalyst can only be shipped to the UK and mainland Europe regions.




Gelcoat products are measured out to 75ml (by volume) and the gelcoat is supplied in oversize tins (approx. 150ml) for ease of use.


Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Rooster Sailing Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

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