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Bottom (Drop Nose) Pin for a Laser Harken Kicker Swivel Cleat

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Drop nose pins have been around for a while, but never ones that are designed specifically for the diameters and sizes of the Laser® Harken Kicker unit.  

This bottom Pin is the perfect length to not interfere with your Cunningham and Outhaul controls and make the process of removing your kicker unit much easier.

Important Note. Please ensure that the retaining clip is properly engaged before every sail to prevent possible loss or failure. Please also note that excessive gooseneck plug wear or a loose gooseneck pin can also lead to drop nose failures.

Please ensure that the drop nose pin 'T' end of the drop nose pin  is on the opposite side to the cunningham downhaul, so there is no possibility of the rope catching on the drop nose 'T' pin end.

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Product Reviews

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  • Justin, Sydney, 21 April 2018
    LIke the other reviewers, the split pin thingy dropped out after a season. Given its cost I would have expected more than this.
  • Charles, Whitehaven, 16 May 2017
    Very convenient but split pin dropped out after a few weeks. It appears I am not alone in this..
    Rooster Reply:Hi Charles, thanks for your comments. We will feed this back to our suppliers as we continually work together to improve the functionality of the products we offer. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  • Charles Fletcher, Fetcham, 05 February 2014
    A good time saver. However,I used this only 8 times before the rivet disappeared and the drop nose fell to the deck. Luckily it failed after the race. I am definitely going back to the old spring clip retainer now!!
  • Douglas Roberts, Swindon, 25 July 2012
    Have used this for over 6 months at least once a week and it is still working fine. Much easier than a standard pin and circlip. I take my kicker off each time I sale incase someone else decides they want one.
  • Alan Powell, Manchester, 09 July 2012
    Used the pin 3 times before it broke or fell out, unclear which. On a beat when there was a bang and the kicker was dangling from the boom. Used a pin with a split ring for many years and never had a problem. Very convenient but not reliable!