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Boat Whisperer Tactics DVD

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In this double disc DVD, Steve Cockerill presents the definitive guide to dinghy racing tactics.

Featuring footage from both onboard and spectator angles, along with in-depth post race analysis, the Boat Whisperer Tactics DVD will provide knowledge to improve all aspects of your dinghy racing.

Rooster Sailing is now pleased to offer a new digital download service of these popular DVD boxes sets. These are now MP4 files converted from the original ‘The Boat Whisperer TACTICS‘ double disc DVD Series.  For the complete set you have 2 no. MP4 files representing discs 1 and 2. The download product of tactics can be found HERE

About Steve

Steve Cockerill learned his tactics pond sailing before winning the BUSA and the Inter-Service Team Racing Championships with Aston University and the Royal Navy.

While sailing 470´s and Lasers in successive campaigns between 1988 and 1996, Steve honed his big fleet experience. He then gained the coach´s perspective in the run up to the 2000 Olympic games and has won over 45 major championships to date, including the 2010 Laser Radial Masters Worlds.

Steve, affectionately known as ´The Boat Whisperer´ since the release of his Upwind and Downwind Boat Whisperer DVD sets, has been eager to produce a Tactics DVD to add to the series. The introduction of GPS loggers, TackTracker analysis software, and HD waterproof cameras has made this his most exciting project yet.

Available in either PAL/SECAM or NTSC format. PAL format is the correct format for the UK and Europe. NTSC format, is for the USA and Japan.

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Product Reviews

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  • Matt Downing, frinton-on-sea, 03 June 2012
    This DVD is fantastic and makes some absolutely cracking point about the tactics of sailing and has certainly given me tonnes of ideas for when I'm on the water racing. WOULD AND HAVE RECOMMENDED IT !! Only complaint is the price tag which i think is a little steep
  • Simon Holroyd, Staines, 22 November 2011
    I really enjoy the upwind / downwind DVDs and watch them over and over. I find the tactics DVD is a bit harder to get to grips with because during the racing shots where several boats are present Steve will say things like ""Watch what George is doing"" but how am I to know which boat is George's? I've never met George so don't know what he looks like. The DVD would be much more helpful if the boats were different colours or had different coloured sails, or something else to make them distinct from each other. And couldn't Lawrence from the Upwind / Downwind DVDs have been sent out to the Carribean to take part!
  • Ian Baillie, Currie, 18 April 2011
    I love the Boat Whisperer DVDs and gain something every time I watch them, so I was keen to see the latest Tactics DVD from Steve. What I really like about Tactics is the clarity from Steve about what the effect is on you as you position your boat round the course and the options available to you. I'd like to think I can sail and race pretty well but I gained plenty from being reminded of priorities. The tracker graphics are great for showing how quickly your speed and pointing can be affected and is probably the main thing I took from the DVD. Sometimes it just needs a different perspective to bring clarity to something I thought I knew. So like the original Boat Whisperers, there is something for everyone in here, if you are starting to race more seriously then you would probably gain most but if you coach sailing then this will add much to your sessions and clarity.
  • valentin nedyalkov, london, 13 April 2011
    Well done Steve for producing another two excellent DVD's. I have learned a lot from the first two: The boat whisperer upwind and downwind. My speed become very good in a straight line but I couldn't understand why I was losing so many places in such a short time during the race. Perhaps I should make a DVD for Mid. Fleet sailing!!! While watching the tactical DVD's I could see myself in the same situations as described - stack in the black holes, last third of the beat is always been a problem for me, footing towards the next shift, controlling people and stopping them from taking, what is the right thing to do to recover, road blockers, cover your direct opponents when it's needed, must do things on the start, leeward mark rounding's, downwind positioning always been a bit of s grey area etc. I realise how many mistakes I am still making while sailing. The tactical DVD's are exactly what I needed not only to get ahead but stay ahead too. I really enjoyed watching all four DVDs so far. I would highly recommend them to the sailors of any level from any class. The JPS data is interesting to watch and helps to visualise the big picture. The top mast shots only add a different angle to the very professionally done footage. I will give five out of five. Everyone should add those two DVDs to their sailing collection and learn from them. Valentin Nedyalkov-Bul 198960
  • Mark Harper, Chichester, 04 April 2011
    Well, Steve certainly likes a glamorous setting for this new Boat Whisperer Tactics DVD. The location for most of the scenes on this double DVD, is set in the Island of Cabarete, the water-sports capital of the Dominican Republic's golden coast in the Caribbean. Most of the action is set in the blue, warm waters and skies of the Caribbean, using Lasers and Laser Radials, but reality soon hits us with some interesting footage of the Rooster 8.1 Nationals held in an overcast UK on the Thames in 2010. At this location, Steve discusses how to get on the correct side of those localized wind pressure/gusts (called pressure sailing). There is some great footage taken from the bow of the Rooster 8.1 Steve for most of the first DVD discusses the situations and applied tactics, commentating on the spectacular HD footage with cameras located from conventional support boats, but also from the tops of masts, and sterns. The content is aimed at the typical dinghy race club sailor or occasional open meeting traveler who wishes to improve and understand how those regular race winners are consistently fast on the dinghy race track. Armed with this DVD set you will soon pick up some excellent tips, and be able to take on those top helms. You will need reply the action 2 or 3 times, to appreciate some of the finer boat control points. The commenting on each situation is clear and easily understood, and to complement the HD video clips, the use of GPS receivers and tracking software (Tacktracker) has been used. (Please note that such devices are to be used only in training and coaching sessions, as they are currently banned in actual racing for the majority of dinghy classes). Most of the first DVD concentrates on the start/upwind/windward mark roundings, and how to either get in the right race track position (called ‘positioning for boatspeed' ) or how to extract yourself from those ‘not so good ‘situations either on the start line or the windward mark approaches. Steve commentary is as mentioned very clear. (Keep an eye out for the rather humorous comments about repeating himself…) Have you created an ‘out-takes' DVD yet Steve? One good point to watch out for is a clip on windward marking rounding. Steve explains Rule 18.3 which comes into force when a port boat tacks inside the zone (Steve calls it the ‘cheeky area') and forcing a windward boat on starboard to sail above close–hauled. The second DVD starts with start line tactics, dealing with how to ‘poach' leeward gaps / defending them, port end biased start lines and port tack starts, and those all important ‘bail out situations' at the start. (Which we all find ourselves in at times). It would have been interesting to have a view looking down the start line a few seconds before the start gun , but its quite compulsive viewing. Steve continues to cover downwind tactics for the remainder of the DVD, again explaining how the main off wind rules come into play down the reaches, such as rule 11, 12 and 17. Rounding the wing and leeward marks are then covered and how to get (or break) that all important overlap and inside mark position. DVD two ends with the a ‘raw footage' set, but with no commentary. This is really useful for coaches and trainers, as they can add there own commentary and interpretation of the recorded events. In fact, I used part of this raw footage section at a local club coaching session I was running this weekend, and found it invaluable. Overall, an excellent value double set DVD (RRP £24.95). Steve has used the best of the available technology currently available including HD waterproof cameras, GPS receivers and software to create a splendid set of material for sailing individuals, coaches and trainers.