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All Purpose Boot

Product Code: 105345
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All Purpose Boot
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The design objective was to produce a boot that was warm, protective and easy to put on whilst giving the hiking support of a stiff rubber boot.

Technology - The super thick sole gives stability underfoot whilst easily retaining flexibility. The boots protective rubber coating provides increased wear and longevity. The real gem is the new anti-stretch neoprene (5mm thick) that is used down the length of the boot. These woven crossfibres reduce stretch when hiking, keeping your foot fixed in position whilst still allowing stretch for comfort. The heavy duty zip has been angled towards the toe to make it easy to put on - "easi-fit".  The zip has a neoprene gusset for comfort, whist the zip is held up by a moulded Velcro tab and pad ensuring the boots stay fastened to your feet! Its fleece lining make putting the boots on over a dry suit foot as easy as using a plastic bag.Outstanding sole protection and toe support make this rooster dinghy boot a must for those sailing everything from hiking dinghies to trapezing skiffs.

Laundry instructions

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • Constructed using 90 degree woven 5mm thick neoprene which provides additional stiffness for excellent hiking support whilst retaining and flexibility

  • Heavy duty YKK zip for increased durability with a neoprene gusset for comfort and to reduce water ingress

  • Terry lining for increased insulation and which also helps to pull the boots on and off!

  • A moulded Velcro tab helps to keep the fastened zip in place

  • Hard wearing, ridged sole for for increased grip around the boat and protection on stony slipways

Size Chart

Remember that if you intend to wear socks, you might like to choose a larger size boot.

The table can be scrolled to see the full range.

Boot Size Shoe Size  
  UK Europe USA
33 1 33
34 2 34
35 35
36 3 36 4
37 4 37 5
38 38
39 39
40 6 40
41 7 41
42 42 8
43 43 9
44 9 44
45 10 45 10½
46 11 46 11½
47 12 47 12½
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Product Reviews

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  • Jon Hammond, Chalford, 16 August 2013
    I've tried loots of different boots, usually at the high end of of the pricing scale to get a grippy boot for the D-One to no avail, got the Rooster All Purpose Boot as a stop gap whilst awaiting a replacement pair of faulty very expensive boots to arrive. The Rooster APB is comfy, supportive, and above all supper grippy in my boat. As an added bonus they are great value for money. My next boots will be another pair of Rooster APB.
  • Jennie King, Plymouth, 02 December 2012
    Ive been wearing a pair of these this season and they are great! Light, comfy, warm and hard wearing. Mine are size 40 but I'm only giving xxxx as in larger size, my helm who got the same boots on my recommendation finds them too short over the front of the ankle where he hikes out, causing chaffing
  • Nick Stephens, Whitby, 25 October 2007
    Having spent a whole season dancing around on foredeck of a J24 in the North Sea, off Whitby, and at Dun Laoghaire regatta in my wet socks and Rooster boots I cannot recommend this kit highly enough! Not only have a I had snuggly feet, they have also worn so well (better than my goretex offshore boots which only do the heavy weather stuff) that I will not need to buy another pair next season. Sorry Rooster, they are just too good! If they stand up to The North Sea, they will take most things, but don't take my word for it try them yourselves!
  • Hilary Thomas, ., 19 November 2006
    Once upon a time poly. bags were invented. Under wet suit socks they made wonderful foot keep warmers. I beleive goose fat was use prior to that. Now, thanks to Rooster there are boots which go on easily with or without a drysuit and--- Bliss---warm feet. Love my new boots